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  1. I am so very sorry to hear about your fiance being an ass. I have a relationeship where acne or forms of it arnt a discussion or even a topic. Sometimes its like: "crap got a zit on my back so irritating when I have to sit.." we evn make jokes about it. Ok so we both dont really have acne but more the occasional zit but still I think its BS for yur fiance to make remarks about your skin condition. Personally I have come a long way since last year. I use a minimum of BP as my problem area is onl
  2. I have been on this forum for some time now. I dont have real acne and I consider myself to be blessed. But I do have some spots here and there. On top of that I have an bumpy skin. They hardly ever develop in pimples I just have a real rough skin texture. I started to use BP but its overdrying.. Dan said something about alpha hydroxy .. what is that? Its real hard to show you what my skin is like. Because its only noticeable in a certain light. I know some poeple may say that I should be
  3. I was just wondering. DOes SA work in combination with BP ? Or does it cause major side effects? Does nyone have experience with this combination ?
  4. Ok what do you mean with "flush". Is that like redness ??
  5. I notice that I get a tan wheter I like it or not. I think its the moizturizer which acts kinda like a sunblock.
  6. Mmm good question I would geauss yes. Due to the drying. But I dont realy have a scientific answer. I heard Vitamin A works
  7. I have no experience with accutane but a friend of mine does. He has oily skin too and even he got dry skin. So yes expect dry skin. Keep a tube of moizturizer with you at day and moizturize every morning and evening.
  8. Hi, Well my situation is kinda reversed. I had acne and am as good as clear now. The cause, in your case, could be LA since the smog level is pretty high there ( I have been there on vacation). Working out shouldnt realy be a problem as long as you wash after have workded out. As for drinking, it does cause pimples. So cutting down on drinking will help in the long-run but wont make a dramatic difference. I would recommend playing around with your regimen; meaning go off the regimen a
  9. Mm I am first gonna try to talk to customs
  10. Mmm since its not possible to import Dan's new BP gel in The Netherlands I kinda stuck to the old way
  11. Whats with "deleted" ? Its true that women do see past your looks. Unfortunately, like everyone, people see your looks first. So poeple who dont look like a freakin model have to have great personality. But lets honest, when ur face is covered (or u think it is) do you think you can confront a womam with the atmost convidence and ask her on a date? I think not... And there lies the problem.. convidence!
  12. Look I understand that its confronting but I experience my skin in a different way then you see it. Let one thing be clear I am not here to tick people off, to show off or for laughs.. Because of my acne in the past I am now dealing with the aftermath of low self-convidence. I still blame my skin for feeling depressed sometimes, even when there's nothing to see. I am now seeing a shrink. I know how it feels and would like to help people by hearing their story. I could remove my picture i