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  1. Hi i have rosacea and i got a fraxel lazer tretments done on my cheers for months after the 4 treatments that took 4 months my cheeks still are red and become more red when i was my face i need a a good clenser to wash my face because i have ance and roscaea but everythign makes my skin more red any sugestions or products i can use? had anyone gone through this ? Thank you all
  2. hi i need some help i got a fraxel lazer treatments 4 over a 4 month range only doing my cheeks 4 inches up and side after that my face has always been reder in that area after i wash my face im always thinking its the product i use but im not sure what to do cause id i dont wash my face it gets mesed up from my roscea and acne but if i wash it it just looks nice and red ... does anyone know any good face washes that would not irratie it? thanks
  3. i have a fimilar diet but i eat alot of protien do u ?what do u think the best protien is for rosace suffers? i have eggs mostly in the morning , tuna , salmon . chicken brests , fish, and rarley some kinda of other meats through out the day
  4. can anyone help me out ive tryed minocycline for my rosacea but after a while it just seemed to stop working and kinda make things worse not for my little bit of acne i cant get ride of but more of flushing and skin iratation .. does anyone take any other meds that are better then this i can take?
  5. Hi im really out of anwsers to finding anything that will make my skin look a bit normal i was wondering if anyone on here has roscea and has taken acutane to help it a bit .. i got the impresion if u take a very low dosage of acuntane it can help has anyone tryed this and had success can anyone tell me whats the low dosage to be takin Thank you for your help have we been cursed?
  6. Does anyone use this for a mosturizer who suffer from rosacea ? or if they do use it what do they use it for and does it help?
  7. Hey i was just wondering if anyone that suffers SUFFERS from rosacea and acne has tryed Dans acne regiment ?? does anyone think it would be bad for sensitive skin like my rosease curses skin? Does anyone use jojoba oil on there face for a mousturizer ? Please need advice
  8. Hey i wanted to know if someone could tell me if this is body acne or from my roseaca? And if its one of those what can i put on my body to make it go away thanks ... This is what it looks like in that pic
  9. Hey i had 2 fraxel treatments for my face does anyone know how long your face should be red for after wards i only got my cheeks done but my face was red for a month even went i went to see them again that month later ? how long does your face stay red for?