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  1. I've heard the most about Neutrogena's healthy face skin lotion and Lac Hydrin 5. Which one is better? Is there some other AHA moisturizerproduct out there more effective than these?
  2. I've been on the regimen for close to 2 months now. While I don't have much active acne (like one flared up pimple), I have tons of red marks. But that's not the issue today. I have tons of little bumps all over my cheeks and on my chin and a few on my forehead. They are not red, they are the color of my skin, and they are everywhere. Is that a sign of an allergic reaction to bp? or is it just irritation of my skin from too much bp? I assumed they were new pimples about to flare up in a
  3. it does...I just miss the days of using neutrogena face wash twice a day and having good looking skin without red marks or a bumpy surface...those were the days people. those were the days...
  4. haha wow, I stopped the regimen for a few weeks...worst idea ever. I went back on it for a week already and my skin already looks better, albeit a plethora of red marks. I rushed it and got impatient. First of all, I now know NEVER to just stop the regimen all at once...I guess you kinda gotta slowly get off of the regimen by using less and less BP everyday - its funny how similar the process is to weeding off drugs. aha.
  5. advice? anyone? not too much active acne, its just a TON of red marks all over my face...and I feel like they've been there for over a month now...I don't feel it actually, I know it. Shouldn't they atleast fade dramatically within a month?
  6. whoaaa bad idea to stop DKR bp gel. I'm going to use it at nights and salicylic acid in the morning. NEW REGIMEN: MORNING: -Neutrogena SA face wash -Clean and Clear Dual action Moisturizer -1 tablespoon ACV NIGHT: -cetaphil facewash -DKR BP gel -DKR moisturizer -1 tablespoon ACV I'm seriously trying to cut down on the amount of products I use. But its tough. We'll see how this goes. determination. patience. positivity. Godspeed.
  7. keep us updated. this is extremely important to know, seeing as how 99 percent of the guys here probably do it. Don't deny it. haha.
  8. man, coming off the regimen too quickly is such a BAD idea. I'm going to go back on it slowly, but only at nights. I really shouldn't change up the regimen too much but I want to find a way to take care of acne without spending 15 minutes every morning and night on my face. Hopefully I'll see results quick while using bp at nights again...
  9. arrrrghhhh after stopping the regimen I immediately broke out in like 10 really big pimples over my face.
  10. honestly, I've seen it fade quite a bit in the last 3 or 4 days....but I don't know what to attribute it to. I just stopped the DKR so maybe lack of benzoyl peroxide made my scars naturally fade out faster? But then again, benzamycin has benzoyl peroxide in it too, so maybe it is the ACV. All I know is that my scars seem to be fading faster than while i was on the DKR, but since stopping the DKR, i have new pimples everywhere and they are being very stubborn. It's a lose-lose situation, really
  11. Since DKR aggravated my skin, I figured I'd try something different. Morning: Neutrogena Oil Free face wash (cream kind) DK Moisturizer 1 tablespoon of Bragg's ACV Night: DK moisturizer Benzamycin 1 tablespoon of Bragg's ACV I'll keep tabs on it regularly, and also on my acne blog down on my signature.
  12. I have moderate to severe (I suppose, as a dermatologist wanted to give me accutane), and using the dkr has limited the breakouts a lot. However, I've never been clear, there can be times when I'm almost clear, but then suddenly it's downhill for a few days.´ If you're male, consider your shaving rituals. I think for many people, shaving is actually the culprit.
  13. yeah shaving is a hassle, no matter how hard I try I always cut one or two pimples...I think the shaving thing actually spread my acne to my jaw line but I can't be sure of it...also I think BP is starting to irritate my face because after I use it and apply moisturizer, I get a lot of little bumps all over my face that usually subside after a few hours. I'm afraid to stop it because I can tell the BP has helped somewhat, im afraid of a breakout right after though. any suggestions on how to s
  14. i dream of the day I can use the regimen once a week. But first i have to actually focus on it working, seeing as how i have moderate/severe acne....I don't know if this is just my imagination but I feel as if my jawline broke out after using the BP. Maybe it was bound to happen eventually? broke out was a poor choice of words actually, more like many red spots all over my jawline. I think they are potential-pimples. Anyone with moderate/severe acne see great results with the DKR? Usually