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  1. For how long can someone use Duac gel. I mean it said not to use over 12 weeks and stop it for 2-3 weeks. Why? Why can not use it for longer time like simple BP creme?
  2. Hello I have little acne I use for 1 month now Duac gel once a day and i wash my face with soap-i do not know how to called it but is a greek white soap.So far i have excellent results.My dermatologist adviced me Purif-Ac cleanser by Roc.I have noticed since then that my face become more red,no new spots but seems very irritated and red after clen once a day my face with Purif-Ac.I use once a day at night Duac-gel. Please can you explain me why? What you advice me to do? Thanks Duac-gel co
  3. Do not use the intesive formula,it contains Selenium sulphide.Selsun blue can make red your face.
  4. Thanks for your answer,i will try it. Does anybody know Ultrex? I use this shampoo.It contains zinc pyrithione(i am not sure if i am writing well) Can BP has bad effecets in my hair?
  5. Hi I have acne in my head,not too much. I want to ask you if you know a shampoo or creme that will help me.If you know what they have inside it will be helpfull. Meanwhile i put some BP on my hair. Thanks
  6. I used BP for 2 months but i can not stand the redness and i do not like it.I do not know maybe is the cream,Benzac-w,or something else Nowi use a cream once every day with Acide glycolique Acide salicylique Acide lactique Salicylate de zin Extrait de Sabal Salicylate de zinc Alpha bisadolol and spot treatment with Acide glycolique Acide salicylique Glycyrrhizinate d'ammonium lactamide Alcool and a cleaning gel with Acide glycolique Salicylate de zinc Sabal
  7. My question is Electric shaving is preferable in acne prone skins? And after shaving can you suggest me a good alcohol-free antiseptic lotion. Thanks
  8. Personal i use a cream with AHA and BHA with mytracine.I apply it and wait to dry and then put in spots if i have a gel stop button treatment with AHA,lactamideand alchocol.I leave them all night and wash in the morning.
  9. Hi I am 25 years old and i have acne from my 20-21.When i was teenager i have no acne. Now i have acne episode after shaving or washing my face over 3-4 times per day. For 5 months i have no acne because i do not wash my face!!Only the water in my eyes and when i get shower. In my first steps i use Benzac_W and Brevoxyl both with benzoyl peroxide. With these my face become red. Now i use all Ducray Keracnyl products.Are very expensive but it works http://www.dermaweb.com/dermato/ducray/duc.