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  1. Great Product If Used Wisely

    this product is fantastic if you use it properly. you have to be careful with how much and how often you apply it. my skin care routine: -cleanse with neutrogena hydro boost gel cleanser (very gentle, effectively cleans the skin, and leaves it feeling hydrated due to the hyaluronic acid) *have hated every neutrogena product until this line. -go in with cerave daily moisturizer after cleansing. *product is fantastic b/c it has ceramides that promote health
  2. you're very welcome! good luck to you on your skin care journey!
  3. when i started getting acne, it was due to hair product that i was using. the hair product (i use to have side swept bangs) got on my forehead and started clogging my pores. if you are using anything in your hair, stop. that is the first step. second step, use a non comedogenic foundation. use a hydrating cleanser. i recommend using the neutrogena hydro boost gel cleanser because it's gentle and actually removes makeup effectively. go in with a moisturizer after you cleanse your skin. ap
  4. @Rachie39 I use the neutrogena hydro boost gel cleanser and it's AMAZING. I also use cerave daily moisturizer and it's pretty great too. after 10 years of struggling with horrible, cystic acne, my skin is almost completely clear. it's a miracle lol. the cerave is so good because it has hyaluronic acid and ceramides in it. it helps to keep your natural skin barrier healthy and functional. i highly recommend washing with the hydro boost gel cleanser and then moisturizing with the cerave dail
  5. Best Moisturizer EVER!

    I follow a dermatologist on youtube, Dr Dray. This is what she recommends and it has been a life changer. It has ceramides in it to help reinforce your skins natural barrier. Studies have shown that people with acne have low levels of ceramides. It is so light and leaves the skin perfectly moisturized. I have tried so many different skin care products and this just might be the best.
  6. I have been struggling with acne since i was 12. i believe that it was a combination of my hormones and my diet. not everyone who hits puberty has horrible breakouts, but for me, i because VERY sensitive to foods and products that i used on my skin. here's a little history: before i ever started getting acne, i have very normal skin. i might have disturbed my skin's natural barriers by using harsh exfoliants and salicylic acid on my skin. by breaking down my protective layers of my skin,