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  1. Imfuckindone


    @Ludadubz Great thank you! I have Aveeno back home but I’m in Europe so I stupidly slacked on moisturizing (aka didn’t do it at all. I realize now how stupid that was) I think I’ll buy some Aveeno from the pharmacy and try aquaphor at night, hopefully that will help cause it’s gotten worse since I took those pictures. Sorry it looks horrible but I thought I should keep pictures to show my dermatologist when I see her and I don’t want these photos in the photo app on my phone lol I’m hoping it wi
  2. Imfuckindone


    Ok so I’m away for two weeks and I’m postung this to keep a log cause I don’t want it in my pics. So I’m freaking out cause I’m stuck here for another week but I’m getting bad side effects (i think the traveling and stress makes it worse though). So my skin is feeling drier specifically above my lips and my lips are starting to feel dry as well but above them any time I even use moisturizer it stings. That’s nothing though...what’s awful is I’ve had the worst flare up of dihydrotic eczema maybe
  3. Month 1 day 19 OWWWWW This is the worst day of IB aghhhhhh it feels like someone is constantly punching me in the fucking face it’s so painful!! I’m trying to get out of any commitments because i cannot go out in public like this. THIS SUCKS ASS, Fuck my dermatologist she ducking lied, I asked about the IB and she was like oh no don’t worry about that you shouldn’t have to deal with that. Why do they lie?? Like I didn’t believe her and I knew it’d get worse, and look it has gotten substantiall
  4. Month 1 day 16 ok my chin is getting so dry! Really loving it I made the mistake yesterday of putting powder over my makeup. ha ya BIG MISTAKE. And yes. My face still looks like shit. what else is new. the other side effects aren’t bad, some headaches, v slightly achy elbow and sides, dry nose, and dry patches on face. I’m just struggling with the initial breakout, I can’t even joke about it. It just really sucks, and now it’s harder to cover because it’s dry. i am having a hard time stay
  5. Month 1 day 10 okay first blister pack finished today! Yay. Short update: nose def dry, feeling v slight aches side/back, the..other problem is getting better I think, still little stingy but it was much easier this morning. Also, I wasn’t sure if my breaking out was only because of my period but I think it’s a combination now. I was afraid of getting an initial breakout so it sucks. At least it’s summer...but I don’t want to keep blowing off my friends so I’m going to have to venture outside.
  6. Month 1 day 8 Ok...not so fun today... veryyy personal but I said I would log everything so ... it’s funny my face and lips aren’t too dry at all so I didn’t expect that other areas would be dry yet... ya, v uncomfortable. I’m going to get a softener, up my water intake, and eat more fiber. If it doesn’t change or gets worse I’ll reluctantly call the doctor I know it can become serious so I hope after doing those three things it will rectify the problem. I NEED this to work, I remember
  7. Ok so idk if anyone will care to read this but Hii! if you’re on here I’m assuming you’re going through a similarly hard time and I wish you the best and hope you find what works for you soon! ok backstory I have had acne since I was 13, I have it on my face (rarely on my cheeks though), and on my back and chest (though I am better at dealing with that for some reason) after years I came to the realization my acne was hormonal. I get painful “blind pimples” and whit heads, the worst of it i
  8. Fuck I just need to vent. I hate my skin so much I’ve had acne since I was 13 and I’m turning 21 in a month. I’m on spironolactone but it isn’t working ( 2 months on 100 mg) I just want to know if anyone else tries to complain about their skin when they’re frustrated only to have their family member, for example, yell at you? I only live with my mother and I cant talk to anyone else in my life, but she always gets angry at me and tells me to stop worrying about it LIKE THATS SO EASY. I’m