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  1. Hi Guys, The change to my skin has been dramatic. I have had no spots on my face for 2 months now but I still get some spots on my scalp. I would therefore say I am around 80% - 90% cured. I still have very oily skin though. What I did was: 1. Cut out all Coffee, replacing with decaffeinated tea. 2. Follow an Intermittent Fasting pattern of eating. I eat from 12pm - 9pm everyday only. Apart from step 4 below. 3. Have a VSL#3 sachet at 8am on an empty stomach. 4. Have a full glass of home
  2. So I usually eat very good I would say. I typically eat: Carbs: Oats, Wholemeal Breads and other Wholemeal products, Brown Rice, Pulses, Lentils, Sweet Potato Loads of Vegetables: Brocolli, Kale, Spinch, Beetroot, Green Beans, Tomatoes, Onions etc Relatively low fruit, max 1 a day if that Fat: Olive Oil, Nuts, Eggs, Avocado, Full Fat Dairy products in moderation, 85%+ Dark Chocolate Protein: Chicken, Lamb, Eggs Other: Honey (with oats) Coffee with Milk Black Tea with Milk I st
  3. Hi everyone, New to the forum and thought I post my story for some comments/discussion. I've bullet pointed my journey below as succinctly as possible: 8 years ago when I was clinically obsese I decided I needed to lose weight after seeing my horrible graduation photo. I lost almost 20 kg but in a very unhealthy way. I was over training (gym 5 days a week) and severely under eating which most likely completely threw my system out of wack. I noticed during the weight loss that I s