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  1. Works well for me - but get good quality, 100% pure and organic

    Make sure you get a high quality Organic one - many available on Amazon for really inexpensive prices ($9-$12). You want to ensure you aren't putting a bunch of chemicals on your skin or buy a cheap brand that mixes other oils in. This stuff works. I just use a small amount, about the size of a penny or few drops even, and I apply after I wash my face. I love this stuff. If you aren't convinced, do your own research on which types of oils are the most/least comedogenic (meaning how likely they a
  2. Week 3 and Immediate Difference for First Time in My Life!

    I'm a 36 yr old woman and have had acne all of my life. It has affected my confidence, everything. I can't even believe I didn't try this until now. I've done every single thing including removing dairy years ago, ensuring hygiene is excellent (changing pillow cases, cleaning my phone frequently, make up brushes... you name it.) I could NOT figure out why my acne never went away, even as I got older. I did notice a good improvement when I increased water intake, cut out the majority of junk food