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  1. Librawoman, I was just wondering what exactly did you do to clear your skin? Was it just liver flushes? Which type of liver flush did you do? Did you use Gold coin grass or epsom salts etc? How many flushes did you need to do to clear yourself? Thanks for any info.
  2. This is what I ate today. I'm trying a diet free of dairy, wheat, eggs and chocolate/sweets at the moment. Breakfast - Big bowl of oatmeal with a tablespoon of ground up flaxseeds mixed in. Punnet of strawberries. Bottle of water Lunch- Plate of buckwheat pasta with a tin of tuna and egg-free/dairy-free mayonnaise mixed together. 1 Apple 2 plums Bottle of water Handful of sunflower seeds Handful of brazil nuts Dinner- Salmon and a big salad. Bowl of grapes. Bottle of water
  3. I think Antik was being sarcastic.......
  4. The guys who say ACV worked for them. Do you use it as a toner with half ACV mixed with half water and rub it on the skin using a cotton pad? Do you leave it on overnight? I was just wondering how you did it as it doesn't seem to be helping me.
  5. I was just wondering how sweetjade, Denise2 and Maya did their liverflushes? I was wondering what you did prior to the flush and what you took to do the flush? I was hoping to be able to do one without taking any salts such as epsom salts at all. Do any of you do liverflushes without the epsom salts and without fasting? I would appreciate any info on the way you do them. Thanks.
  6. gymrat how did you do a candida cleanse? What does it involve? Thanks.
  7. I experienced the same thing except I had a kidney biopsy not proper surgery. I had the biopsy done with local anaesthetic and left the hospital the same day. I was also given an adrenaline injection which might have had something to do with it. About 1.5 weeks later I had the most severe breakout I've ever had in my life. I've broken out in places I never had acne before! It's now 6 weeks later and I'm still suffering terrible outbreaks - they won't stop coming. The thing is I also changed my d
  8. I don't eat any corn syrup but I do eat a lot more nuts than I used to. I'm constantly snacking on nuts in order to get some good fats because I don't want to lose any weight on this new diet because I'm already too skinny! I eat almonds, hazel nuts, brazil nuts and some walnuts. Hmm maybe I'll try cutting out nuts for a while to see what happens. How long should you eliminate something to see whether it has any effect? Do you have any tips on what types of food to eat in order to put on weight?
  9. Thanks for the reply SweetJade. I've eliminated dairy, wheat, red meat, gluten and cut down on chocolate/sugar. I now eat lots of veg, fruit, chicken, fish, nuts and gluten free grains like amaranth, millet and rice/buckwheat pasta etc. Now and again I've had a bit of dairy or wheat if I have some chocolate or go out for a pizza with friends but I'm not sure if it's related to my outbreaks. The only "new" foods I've introduced to my diet that I never really had before are the gluten free grains
  10. About two months ago I radically changed my diet. I did it because of my severe acne and also for my health because I was recently diagnosed with a type of kidney disease. About 3 weeks after I changed my diet I had the most severe acne outbreak I've ever had and now 6 weeks later on the new diet my acne is still the most severe it's ever been! It's terrible! I was just wondering if anyone has had this or knows what could be causing it? Any help is greatly appreciated
  11. I was just wondering what form of B6 is in a natural source like bee pollen or royal jelly? Are they fine to take? Thanks!
  12. Hi Denise2 You said that you do liver flushes without using epsom salts, and I was just wondering how you do your liver flushes and where did you get your information from? I was hoping to do a liver flush without having to use salts at all. Any info is greatly appreciated!
  13. I saw that one. Yuck! The puss in the boy's spot starts insulting the girl. How is it that acne ads always end up making you feel about 10 times worse about your acne?
  14. Hi! Just a question for any girls who still wear make-up while on Dan's regimen! Is using the facial cleanser at night enough to get rid of the foundation because usually I have to use cleanser and toner a few times to make sure my skin is completely clear? Is the wash enough? Appreciate any replies!