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  1. i'm spamming your comments...


    I wish you could edit them.

    I meant: the cetaphil cleanser won't dry out your skin and won't make it oily either

  2. I guess my comment was too long and got cut off. haha

    anyway, I was saying that I'm using DK's BP.

    and the cetaphil cleanser will not make your skin oily for sure, and I'm pretty sure it won't make it oily either. the BP is what dries out the skin.

    here's to a future of acne free skin!

  3. hey, thanks for looking at the blog as well!

    good luck on the regimen!

    ok, so I found out that the site's cleanser had some fruit extracts in it, so I opted to not get it, since I have sensitive skin.

    instead, I use cetaphil cleanser, which is also recommended by DK.

    and for a moisturizer I use neutrogena oil free moisturizer. I think it's sensitive skin as wel