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  1. Ok well here it goes, i been in sports for about 8 years i am currently 23 years and my pasion for sports began around 15 years of age, anyway let me cut to the point and let you guys figure this out, i used a first cycle of anabolic steroids, since i was 22 years old and i was deeply into bodybuilding, and everyone in the sports world, yes dont be dissapointed, from boxing, to cycling, from football to soccer, steroids are a very common factor in gaining a extreme position in sports, and suppos
  2. Hey Joey I just wanted to give you my email address. For some reason I can't get into my messages on here for some reason. My email is Karyn_elise@yahoo.com

    1. Hey thanks for your reply on my post about flushing. I hope everything works out for you. Best of luck in everything you do. Keep in touch. You can message me anytime you just need someone to talk to. I hope you get better soon. HUG

      1. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wow, hey i was just researching the Rosacea because i like you had the same symptomps funny that i have been using retin a for about 5 months, but i finally stopped it, yesss i belive that the retin a has thinned our skin and made it really really sensitive so when we blush, we look red, i was too worried about rosacea, i went to my derm and she told me it can be some kind of rosac