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  1. Well, your skin needs water. Go for any product that provide water, and this one honestly, i dont know, but to me they seem like a normal moisturizer, which means they create a thin layer (like film) to trap the water inside your skin. But you could try it out, who knows ?
  2. Any pic of your skin would be great, or you can tell us more about the details. We cant help you if we dont know about your condition.
  3. Okay, so you have oily skin, go for any gel product, like neutrogena hydro boost or anything similar. You can also find any product that contain hyluronic acid or sodium hyaluronte. But remember to test on your jaw first, cause gel product usually contain silicone and silicone sometimes are the main cause to breakout. Yes, aura verdict works wonder for me. Smoother texture and not to mention the aroma is terrific! But i have a different skin type than yours, so i will not encourage you to buy th
  4. Found out about your skin type first. Is it oily, dry or combination? Is it sensitive? Is it needs more water or more oil? Safflower oil may contains in plastic bottle, search for aura vedict. They are from india.
  5. ahhh, antibiotics. They somehoe just dont work for me.. but love that you are recover so fast! Keep it up!
  6. Vitamin c, niacinamide and vitamin b5,b3 can help you get rid those scars. Paula choice spot treatment 25% vitc is my recommended.
  7. Hmh, most of the time i visit spa to pop them out. It's a simple procedure. They told me my pores have been clogged and most of the time they disappear after one visit. If you dont get rid of it, they will end up bigger and bigger and it will be more painful to remove
  8. Stop, just relax and chill. If you ever felt burning sensation on your face, use avene thermal spring water to calm your face and stay away from water. Your skin will need time to heal it self. Dont freak out and give it time.
  9. Hey, can you talk more about your regime and products that you have used? Thanks!
  10. Thank you so much Feelishia! I have tons of aloe vera smoothing gel at home, definitely going to try one of those in the morning! Right now, i'm using evoluderm pure water spray, ad it feels much better especially when you cant apply moisturizer at the moment. I think im going to switch to jojoba oil instead of the acne.org's moisturizer if it suite me! Thanks again Feelishia
  11. CoruscantDust: I really want to follow the instruction, but it burn me everytime I applied it on my skin. So it is really hard for me to use more product as they said. I have decided to follow my body this time, and so far, my skin have become more calmer, the itch was still there tho, but it is not as bad as what i have experienced last night. Thank you, theafternoon, for the advice, but honestly i live in asia, and we dont have walmart here
  12. i have been using bp for 10 days and i only have a full face of bp twice! Most of the time i focus on my acne. Now, my face is so dry it hurts and i can't apply any moisturizer because of the burning sensation! I dont know how to describe all the symtoms because english is not my first language, forgive me but right now i have the feeling that my face have become so dry, even though i have oily skin before using bp. This area is where i feel itching the most! You can see its a bit swollen as w