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  1. honeybun


    Hey sweet girl. Just wanted to ask, how are You doing and does Acc work fine? Hugs from Estonia.
  2. I think, that Your skin looks nice. Greetings from Estonia;)
  3. honeybun


    Well, I dont find it so bad..You are still one of the sweetest girls.
  4. everything on that pic is awesome.
  5. Yes, really sweet. And Your skin doesn`t look that bad
  6. You have such a sweet smile! Aww...amazing.. And Your skin is flawless, Greetings from Estonia
  7. honeybun


    You are such a sweet girl. I think Your skin looks flawless, with or wihout makeup!
  8. haha, same here. and Your skin looks great.
  9. honeybun

    Innocent me... :P

    there`s nothing wrong with your skin, dude.
  10. honeybun


    what a sweet smile!
  11. Wow... I feel butterflies . Dude, your skin looks great.. greetings from Estonia;)
  12. You are such a sweet girl, and there`s nothing wrong with Your skin.
  13. well hello there. Ok, here comes the question: what is usually your first thought, when you look in the mirror, in the morning? Mine is "Damn, who`s that ugly girl....ok, let`s wash her. " Or on good days "Anne, you are ugly. Thank You, Anne." You all gonna make it, I know, just don`t give up, I don`t give up neither.
  14. Congratulations, looks awesome!