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  1. Ok Thanks, great to hear your seeing improvements, i might try it still not sure. Just on the topic of water fasting, i think i heard you mention it in previous posts, whats the best food to break the fast with.
  2. Yeah any update from the people on the anti vitamin A diet
  3. Your right ya well said.I was just saying [guitarman01,aswell as yourself] do good research in general, and that was a interesting study nonetheless. I'm not very knowledgeable in all of this, trying to learn.
  4. Thanks ya, you do good research interesting study.It would be great to finally know about the storage theory. I know probably not the be all end all solution to are problems the damage is done in other areas, but still you can't go through your whole life wondering is this shit stored in your body and a possibility of contributing to a decreased quality of life and altered human experience.
  5. Thanks for the reply.Do you know the video [8 tips for reversing accutane side effects] on youtube, what studies are they reading to come to the conclusion that accutane is still stored in the body.
  6. Hello everyone I’ve been reading the forum for years. I’ve been suffering the last 10 years with a whole list of side effects like most people here. I was just wondering if someone could help me to do with tudca and the possibility of accutane still stored in the body. I know this topic comes up a lot and people have different views about it. Just to do with tudca, first time taking it a couple of years ago 2 weeks into taking it had massive nose bleed during the night, pillow covered in blo