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  1. I've been dealing with what has been diagnosed as PF for about 3 years. Every summer it seems to come back. BUT, last summer I got frustrated and tried something new, that may work for some of you. It has certainly worked for me... and trust me, I've done about everything. PF occurs when the pores are occluded by something. This can be sweat, tight clothes, products, lotions... etc. etc. SO... #1, Make sure that the shampoo you are using is something like head and shoulders, selsun blue, somet
  2. Good to hear of your success! I have found good results with tea tree oil too, although it is a spot treatment more than a preventative one. I still wish I had a preventative... Did you modify your diet at all? avoiding any simple carbs or sugars? or milk even?
  3. Well my dermatologist, the first one that I went to when i first had this a year and a half ago, simply refused to Rx an oral med for me. But this is common... doctors dont want to overkill when they first treat because a creme might take it away for some people. So when topicals really aren't working, then you can go to the next thing... so dont be too mad at your dr. ... some dont believe oral fungal meds should be used unless it's a systematic infection. (you reallllly dont want your body to
  4. Hi guys, Just an update... I got off the itraconazole almost 2 weeks ago and haven't had any severe recurrences of the PF. I am using the ZNP bar, which has been a miracle, and when I do have spots I dab them with a tiny bit of 100% tea tree oil and they are gone almost overnight. I highly recommend it!!! Dont use too much or your skin will get very irritated (the area around the spot doesn't need to be oiled). but I have had this for nearly a year and a half and its the only real time I hav
  5. Yeah, I guess BP could kill bacteria, but I read online on a few sites that it also kills yeast. Hmmmm, I wish our dermatologists could all get together and decide what works!! Of course, medicine is an imperfect science, so I suppose trial and error is part of the game. What are you using now? has anything worked? I am on Itraconazole still, its almost 2 months, at 200 mg a day. It is almost all gone, albeit a few are still appearing. I dont want to stay on this medicine because I think its j
  6. Dont throw all that into the mix yet... it depends on what kind of folliculitis you have, you should really find out if its fungal or bacterial or both. then you can treat it accordingly. ZNP is only good for fungal... but the bp wash should be fine for either. try tea tree oil cleanser and see what happens. thats another good one for either bacterial or fungal. by the way, do the people posting on here that have pityrosporum folliculitis all live in humid places?
  7. Hi, well i really don't think Benzoyl Peroxide makes things worse because it isn't going to kill all the bacteria like anti-biotics will. It actually helps the dead skin cells shed, like a Salicylic Acid wash, and actually one of the reasons they say pity. folliculitis happens is becaue of pore blockage and then overgrowth of the yeast. BP reduces the number of surface skin bacteria, but does not cause bacterial resistance to antibiotics. It also reduces the number of yeasts on the surface of t
  8. hi all, i've had PF for over a year, off and on and have driven myself crazy with trying to get rid of it. There have been times where i've been totally covered on my back and chest and some down my stomach. Other times (in dry climates) I'm 97% clear. I couldn't understand what was making it come back. But the last 4 months have been consistently the worst. I've tried almost everything. But I think I finally found a trick to the regimen, in case it interests any of you that have also had a ver
  9. Are any of the women on this thread taking oral contraceptives? I know they aren't supposed to affect pityrosporum... so one of my dermatologists say... but I really wonder if it doesn't do something, because it does alter hormones and change sebum/oil. maybe it makes it less on your face, but who knows about on the rest of the body... I just got off mine to see if it helps. anyone?
  10. That is what I had.. or have. It is SUPER stubborn, so dont get depressed if it doesnt disappear right away or comes back when you finish the oral meds. With something severe you will probably need a good month or more of itraconazole at 200 mg/day. I have been trying ketaconazole and it wasn't enough for total clearance so i just switched to itraconazole. but then if i get out of the humidity, it disappears quickly. so... depending on what your environmental situation is, go somewhere dry! Also
  11. The thing is, I dont know what caused it. I have lived in Panama before (the hottest and most humid place on earth) and never had this. Then all of a sudden I go to NYC (in the summer) and it comes on. huh?? I think they also said it can be stress related, but come on, stress is a part of life. Could it really have caused this? I only have it on chest/back and upper stomach. Has anyone hear of diet being a factor? Like too much sugar, carbs etc. I am not diabetic (or this might make more sens
  12. You had it for 6 months until you used prop. glycol? what else had you tried before that? I've had it for a year now and it drives me insane. It wasn't so bad for the winter months but now it is raging again so I went to a dermatologist and he put me on oral anti-fungal in addition to ketoconazole shampoo. This is really supposed to work but I doubt it all because I have had it for a year and I'm almost sure it will come back. It's making me depressed...
  13. I'm not saying this is your case, but I think many of us, when we lean and depend on our meds, stop thinking about the bad envoronmental/dietary lives we lead. Changing a few things can make a huge difference. keep ourselves healthy without meds? start by drinking plenty of water. this will keep your skin healthier and able to cleanse itself. Cut way back on sugars and caffeine. This might be good for pregnancy too! And caffeine is known to irritate acne. Try not to overwash your skin. I used to
  14. It's too hard for anyone on this blog to diagnose you... especially from a photo. But definitely go to the dermatologist and ask for (or demand?) a skin biopsy. This will tell the doc exactly what you have going on and treat it properly.
  15. I also just got a reply from my doctor... I asked about diet-related factors for someone with PF, and he said that I can try to cut back on dairy and coffee intake. I suppose yogurt shouldn't be avoided though - it has lots of good pro-biotics. anyone else notice a diffence with a change in dairy consumption?