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  1. Thanks for being sweet! As time goes on it gets easier to forget about stuff like that but at first I was pretty torn
  2. I thought acne made me depressed... but damn at least when the benzoyl peroxide kicks in after 3 months (that's how long it takes me) I would have flawless skin!!! Pregnancy and breastfeeding ruined my skin>:( I never scarred as a teenager. Even if I popped a pimple, I usually never picked. Ugh I just feel like I have so many plans , specially romantically but I doubt any guy would feel turned on by acne marks . Ugh...... it's not even the red marks that piss off nearly as much as the small
  3. I definitely have looked into getting some sort of laser treatment, it's just pricey. And I'm waiting a few months to Allow the skin and red marks to heal some on its own. I'm using Argan oil and aloe Vera gel every day. I cleanse with a 15% vitamin c Cleanser from puruskin. And at night I apply the BP from Dan. The past couple weeks I've noticed a huge difference with the marks. I can see the little indents in my skin though:/ I'm thinking of putting some Aha on my skin and then dermarolling t
  4. Aw sweetie this post is so heartbreaking I am literally on the same boat. Having problem skin while wishing for clear skin and having friends with perfect skin, is honestly so devastating and disappointing. youll getthrough this tho. I promise. ....do you have an instagram? If so look up the 3 accounts "myfacestory" "prettypotato21" && "asprinkleofhealthandbeauty" those ladies are so so inspirational they dealt with acne and deal w/ bad scarring but make it look BADASS. and post a lot
  5. Thank you love, i think itlooks worse in person when I look in life in certain lightings currently in my bathroom pantry I have the DermaBlend brand, there's a mouse foundation and setting powder. They swear that the products are non-comedogenic and it doesn't really seem to break me out but I noticed that it's really cakey and dry by the end of the day . I just started using the glycolic acid from Dan that came in the mail and I'm really excited to start seeing some results. Maybe I'l
  6. It says on this site here that you can use it at any time of the year https://www.prime-journal.com/cysteamine-cream-set-to-clear-skin-pigmentation-disorders/
  7. I'm on day 3 of wearing no makeup all day, even going to Costco.. and the doctors office. It's a panic attack and a half for me to even think that I'll see someone who didn't know I had such bad red marks under all the makeup I used I put on them. IT always looks cakey and the benzo peroxide always made my face so dry that my make up would be crusting off anyway....... but i feel SO ugly:( i love how clear my skin is (no active acne) so the bright news is no new spots since I started le
  8. I started my benzoyl peroxide 5% (Cintex Brand) I know it's not necessarily the acne.org BP however, I've been following the forums on this site and have found the information Dan shares about acne and benzoyl peroxide is helpful and comforting. So I wanna know if I can put the glycolic acid 10% on my face after BP at night? My face is sensitive as hell, & since it's 5% I am only prescribed once at night. It cleared me up in the past this way but I NEVER had embarrassing red marks like t