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  1. hydrogen peroxide kills bacteria in your pimple. the redness you get after a pimple is the final stage where the skin goes through inflammation. you most likely have a macule. you cant bleach off inflammation its an immune response. the bleaching factor of the hydrogen peroxide effects the keratin in your hair. not your cells.
  2. hey your progress is going well you should keep it up and woop for football most beautiful game in the world <3 Cristiano Ronaldo yea ahem well keep it up!
  3. kia ora fellow new zealanders! ahaha ok well i'm actually korean but i've been living in aucks for 3/4 of my life so it still counts right? haha i never really read about the regimen until today lol i only surfed this site for accutane information lol since its so successful for so many people i'm gona give it a go do u think clean and clear mosturiser is a good enough moisturiser? it's the only oil free moisturiser i've seen lol and for BP, does life pharmacy etc sell products t
  4. argh. i know you're right. I'm from New Zealand, and so i have the biggest exams of my life to date at the end of the year, which is coming soon. And i don't want to go on accutane during my exams, as it might cause distress and i don't want that to happen. argh. i wish accutane had no side effects! I fear the IB the most, i just know it will cause me more distress than ever even if it lasts 2/3 months. if i ever do decide on going on accutane, i will go on it after my exams, during november.
  5. you have very nice eyes hey, don't stress too much, believe it or not i know people that have/had something like yours on the same spot and all they do is look at you and pass on and end of story. since it's been there for so long people are probably used to it anyway, and other random people in the hospital will probably be deep in their own thoughts about their own problem to even judge your face or else they wouldn't be at the hospital at all and plus, your eyes are too good-looking for pe
  6. hey look on the positive side: most of your face (from what you've described) are clear except your cheek ! a lot of the time we, as acne sufferers, wonder how bad how skin is in our head, and imagine something extremely horrible, and get depressed. i'm like that alll the time, and i can't help it. but when you think about it if you were to look at someone with acne, what do you think? i'm sure you just think "o shes got pimples" and pass on , right? and if you do , the same would apply to you
  7. ahh alright well i'm glad i'm following a log with someone with the same type of acne as me good luck with your course i'll be visiting every once in a while to see your prgress yeah? damn if mino doesn't work for me. accutane here i come! i'll probably take it during holidays so i can just stay at home take care girl btw, the picture of you as your profile picture, your skin looks really good in it. Is that your skin now? or was it before? your very pretty
  8. really? hmm ok i'll give BP another go then maybe... i should buy like actual BP eh? not the clearasil thing i have which as something % of another substance The GP i went to didn't say anything about that.. i was in there for 3 minutes maximum -_- he just says 'well there r only 2 ways... antibiotics and accutane...so i'll just put you on the antibiotics *types on computer* all done!' i dont think he was interested in my problem well thanks for the advice anyway
  9. WHAT?!??! it says on my packet to take with food?? so have i been wasting mino pills all this time?!?!?!