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  1. I believe cystic acne can be relieved by natural methods. If you believe in the power of the human body to heal itself - that may seem normal. I've gone from having the normal 'teen acne' to having cystic acne all over my face [check my gallery pics for proof] - and now, after almost 3 years of 'cleaning up' my lifestyle, diet, etc - I've been able to reduce my acne to an almost normal form - all without taking any drugs or even speaking to a derm for treatment. If people can recover and heal
  2. Just wondering... I've been reading posts and some of you have said that you got clear from the DKR, then you had adverse situations such as wrinkles, or your skin just seemed to get worse after a certain point [like a plateau], as if the DKR lost it's abilities. -Has anyone had problems staying clear after you initially got clear from DKR? -Is anyone staying clear since getting clear from DKR? -Anyone quit DKR because of adverse problems arising from it?
  3. Fox0021

    Sort of a weird topic... X-rated ;) LOL

    I've always wondered about this topic. Sometimes searching the internet for answers can be our worst enemy of over saturation of information - many pieces of information aren't accurately reliable. I sure hope sex and acne don't go hand in hand! However, if it does - bring on the breakouts! I'd choose sex zits over sex-less zits anyday! ~ Being on a 'sex-diet' can really suck! Ha ha!
  4. Fox0021

    Adult acne and relationships

    I believe we feel just like how we look. IE - if we have tons of active acne, we feel less than human. When we're clear, we feel fabulous and have the courage to 'conquer the world.' I've gone from having the occassional zit to having severe acne on every inch of my face. It sure hurt my confidence level and made me go into hybernation for almost 2 years. I'm currently clearing up and as I look back on the past 3 years of pure vanity horror, I can definitely see that my confidence is slowly b
  5. Fox0021

    All Hell Breaks Loose!

    The Erruption Never Anticipated
  6. Fox0021

    When Things Only Appear Perfect

    Post Destruction