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  1. So it's almost the end of January now and I am almost 4 months finished my Accutane/isotretinoin journey. My skin is flawless still! I don't gain any acne except for tiny blackheads rarely , that's it!! I'm so happy in my skin and feel like a new person. I've gained much more confidence in myself due to the acne going away completely. I'm still working on reducing the scaring but I'm over the moon as my skin is now. The only products I use on my skin now are pure coconut oil obviously for cleans
  2. Lyn_95


    I have just finished my full 4 month course on Accutane/isotretinoin and my face is completely clear and has been for the duration of my 4 month course! The only added side effect I have to the rest I stated in my previous blogs is a cold sore on the right side of my mouth and Im not one for suffering with cold sores ever. As you can see in my picture I have quite a bit of redness on my cheeks due to the antibiotics but I'm hoping that will go soon now I'm finished the course! I am ecstatic with
  3. I'm almost 3 months in on my course of isotretinoin and I have to say my skin has never looked better. I am completely acne free and haven't had acne since the start of my course. I'm over the moon with the results after this short period. I've gotten loads of lovely comments about my skin that have really lifted me up. I feel like a different person. My self confidence has been peaking through more and more and I no longer have to worry about what foods I want to eat and how often I wear make
  4. This time last year and this time this year!
  5. It's made a massive difference to your skin already! So glad things are turning around for you now , hopefully it's all up from here on out ! Good luck
  6. So I am a month and a half through my course of Accutane/isotretinoin and I feel GREAT! my skin has cleared completely!!! Since my last update i have had 2 small spots which have had heads that I could just leave to go naturally rather than pop them which I am a terror for doing normally! My family and friends can't believe the change in my skin and how healthy it's becoming! I still have all the same side effects as I had in my first post and nothing more. My mood hasn't altered a bit! I haven'
  7. I have just completed my first month! Yesterday was my first check up with my dermatologist. She was very impressed with the quick results I have had. I was asked if I had an initial breakout when I started and I told her it cleared more than it broke out which surprised her. After a month I have no new updates to my side effects, they are still the same as posted in my last two blog entries. I have had some lower back pain recently but nothing major which my Derm taught was normal being on the
  8. Hi dw75 wow! I have finally heard of someone who is in the exact same position as me! at least I know someone understands! I have to say I'm having a really positive experience on isotretinoin. I'm on it just over a month now and had my first check up yesterday. My derm was really impressed with my improvement and how quick I've taken to it and little side effects I've had. Gutted I didn't get on it sooner. Better late than never tho. Keep me updated! I hope you have as positive results as I've
  9. So, I am over 2 weeks on Accutane now and this week my skin has completely cleared except for two small whiteheads I've had (one was on the end of my chin.) I seem to have been controlling the dryness on my face too. As I mentioned in my last entry I am loving the Aveeno skin relief moisture cream! I have been using that since I started Accutane and it does not make me break out! This moisturiser soaks into my skin lovely. My skin looks hydrated which I haven't seen in a long time and from that
  10. Hi , I started accutane for the first time just over a week ago. I've read your blog and just wanted to know about the part in your first course we're you said you broke out at the beginning. Was that the Accutane bringing out all the bad before it got better do you think?
  11. So I am just over a week on Accutane now and am experiencing some different side effect. I've been getting the dry peeling skin on my forehead a bit , quite a lot around my nose , lips, chin and the tops of my eyebrows. After a lot of research on a good working moisturiser I found the Aveeno skin relief moisture cream which was the first product I ever found with so little amount of negative reviews and so many positive. It is also fragrance / steroid free , non comedogenic , and contains ceram
  12. Hi , I started Accutane a week ago and I have the same dryness on my forehead, nose and chin its completely normal! Don't panic!! I would stay away from the sun tho as it makes the dryness worse or at least use a high factor. I just put a cap on as I'm really sceptical about putting certain creams and and things on my skin.