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  1. Oct 18th, Well I am going to have to break down and wear some cover up. But still, that was almost two weeks that I didn't need to! I just have a few red spots that I don't feel comfortable going out with. But I do have this one really annoying pimple. It has been under the skin for at least a month, probably more. It just won't surface or go away. I'd rather it would come out and turn into a really big zit just so I could get rid of it. Hopefully this very minor breakout doesn't last long. I
  2. September 27th, Well it's been 10 days since I last wrote because there hasn't been anything to report. Aloe vera is still working like a charm. I doubt that the DKR is even contributing very much to my success, but I'm too scared to go off of it, just incase. Maybe if I stay clear for months at a time I will go down to once a day. Who knows. Right now I am clear except for a couple small pimples. I still get pimples but they are not big and they go away quickly. My chin has been 100% clear sin
  3. Sept 17th, Haven't written in a while because there isn't much to report. Skin is looking fabulously clear. Since using Aloe almost 2 weeks ago I have not gotten a big pimple. I have gotten pimples but they have been small and go away quickly, more just bumps. Right now my status is one blackhead on my forehead, the same zit I've had for about a month or more. But at least it is a blackhead so it will be gone in couple days. Other than that I have about three bumps that are the last signs of ac
  4. Sept 12th, I started my period today. Nothing new yet, but I will keep watch.
  5. Sept 11th, Nothing new to report, which is a good thing. I have one zit on my forhead and a few bumps on my cheeks and that is it. I love aloe vera. I wish I found it sooner. I dropped the ACV from my regime so it is now just DKR with aloe vera as mosturizor and 50mg of zinc daily and a multivitamin daily.
  6. Sept 8th, Aloe is still working wonders. I had a blackhead on my forehead that was there for like two weeks and three days of using aloe completely took it away. I do find now that I need to put some mosturizor on the sides of my mouth, but that is it. I also now realize that I don't have oily skin, it was just the mosturizor. I don't have to pat my face with a kleenex at all througout the day, even after work. I am so amazed.
  7. It would be more effective to take a zinc supplement (up to 50mg) daily. It would probably be cheaper too!
  8. Sept 6th, I absolutely love aloe vera as a mosturizor. It's only been one night of using it so I can't say if it is improving my complexion but I just love how it feels on my skin. Mosturizor made my skin so thick, oily and shiny. I used to have to blot of the residue of mosturizor ever morning that I put it on. And the mosturizor would always give me really red circles under my eyes, it would look so bad. The aloe is awesome. It goes on so easily, drys quickly and I can't even feel that it is
  9. Sept 5th, My face is looking better. My forehead is still broken out but the rest of my face is doing well. I'm still taking ACV orally, not sure if it has contributed to my progress at all. I am going to subsitute the moisturizor I've been using for Aloe Vera. Well, in the morning I'll still probably have to use some mosturizor on the really dry spots. I got organic pure aloe vera so it should be a top of the line product. There is no additives which I like. I don't expect the aloe vera to get
  10. Would any Aloe Vera gel in the stores be bad for skin, ie contain extra products that can clog pores. I have Avon Aloe Vera, but it doesn't have an ingredients list on the bottle. Does anyone know if this is a good product?
  11. Few Questions.... 1)Does anyone do the baby brush method and the DKR at the same time. If so, how are your results?? 2)I'm also interested if their is an initial breakout woth the baby brush?? 3) So to clarify, you don't 'scrub' you more so 'sweep' your skin with the baby brush?? Thanks so much!
  12. Sept 3rd, Well, things arn't great. I have a breakout on my forehead! One big one and 3 bumps. Grrrr, it makes me mad when I get breakouts where I never do. Other than that, I have a few pimples on my cheeks. All in all, I'm not pleased. I start school tomorrow and my goal was to have my acne under control ie 2 pimples or so. I can't say that I have achieved that goal and that is dissapointing. I am going to start drinking ACV (2-4 tablespoons) per day along side the DKR. I really hope that he
  13. Hey xr6, Good to hear that you are progessing. I read your entry because I'm interested intaking ACV. I 've been on the DKR for almost 4 weeks and things are looking good, but I'm still breaking out. I used ACV in the past when I was on DRK (the first time) and I remember having almost flawlessly clear skin. So I thought I would give it a try again and see if it helps. Do you think that the ACV is helping you? Well, good luck!
  14. Aug 31st Still have a breakout. But I think the zinc on the face helped last nighed. two of the bumps I had went down significantly. However, the active pimples did not change in size. I am going to continue to use this and maybe I'll be on to something. But again, I'm only putting it on my zits. The next time I have a pimple coming up I'll put it on to see if it stops it in its tracks. Here's Hoping!
  15. Aug 30th, Well my mini breakout continues. I woke up with a few more spots! My total is now 4 plus a few bumps under the skin, which hopefully stay there. Right now I feel kinda nausaus because I took my zinc pill too long after I ate. Right now I am trying crushed zinc on my face. Why not. I only put it on the zits though. I just crushed one pill up and used water to make it stick. I am leaving it on for 1/2 hour. Maybe this breakout is related to my period somehow. maybe I don't breakout befo