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  1. I am just starting tonight. its 0.1% cream. thanks for your help!
  2. Im about to start this new prescription tonight and i think im going to use the Biore 2% SA ice cleanser instead of using both that AND a BP wash. Does that sound good? Anything else i should know about Tretinoin? thanks!
  3. Im 15 years old (male) and have had acne since i was about 12. I fucking hate it. I think about it everyday. My girlfriend who i have now whos my first says its no big deal. But it lowers my confidence. My mom says i use too much shit on my face and that gives me worse skin. shes like "just use soap and water" Ive tried sooo many products. It seems like it really doesnt make a difference to my face at all. Maybe there really is nothing i can do and its all teenage hormones? My acne type is pro
  4. http://bellasugar.com/1550794 it feels really oily like it could CAUSE breakouts.. anyone tried it?
  5. Im currently on clean and clean bp cleanser and clean and clear blackhead sa scrub and sometimes ZapZyt.. i think im gonna try this.. anyone like it?
  6. I still have red marks from my acne was worse...what should i use?
  7. I have little red spots where there used to be a zit but theres not anymore. Acne creams do nothing for this. How can i get rid of this?
  8. Ive tried alotta things.. what do you think is the best type of on the spot BP treatment?