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  1. myn does get hot and flushes I have crazy hormones also but usually my face is a very lovely pale color. I was using Triaz face wash 6%. I guess it sorta evened out my skin tone and kept it looking pale. My derm kinda wanted me to keep using the face wash with all of this Retin A but she decided to keep me on retin a micro 6weeks before adding more stuff to treatment to irratate the skin probally best. I know im deff giong to start using the Triaz again after 6 weeks my skin looked really nice I
  2. I have used differin before i used retin A or anything. I have never really saw much improvement with the differin it made my skin awful. Can you tell me anything about retin A? I think I made a mistake I never really had bad acne I always used a face wash and now im on this stuff and it scares me because it has turned my fair pale skin RED with peeling and im afraid i will never have my beatiful one or two zit skin back. I have been on it a week now. Will the redness ever go away? Do you thi
  3. Ok so I just started on Retin A Micro about 2 weeks ago. My face is red and peeling. It looks like I have a severe sunburn. I know this is supposed to happen. But does your face go back to being its normal color without the redness further along in the treatment and when does it start looking normal again. I look almost like a peeling lobster. I hope my skin gets back to its pale color soon. I dont wanna look like I have roseacea forever. Anyone here been on Retin A Micro and knows how long or w
  4. Yesterday I went to the dermatologist and she put me on Cleocin T lotion and Retin A MIcro I cant wait till the 6 weeks to see improvement. ({|=
  5. Thanks for clearing that up for me lol I was confused.
  6. I always thought benzoyl peroxide and retin a micro neutralized eachother to where they didnt work. I think it even says so somewhere on this site, acne medications maybe. Nope wait here it is right on the retin a micro site http://www.retinamicro.com/dailyroutine.asp Be careful using cleansers or acne products with benzoyl peroxide in them, as this ingredient neutralizes tretinoin, the active ingredient in RETIN-A MICRO, if both are used at the same time. Talk to a doctor before using pro
  7. The treatment above has worked fine but I want perfect skin so I am going back to my dermatologist this week to get some retin a miro, I was on it about 2 years ago and I swear that stuff works wonders for me, I had a perfect face, pores, no zits and it all was smooth. So Im starting back on it soon and I will post my results.
  8. sorry to hear it didnt work for you. I love Dior so much.
  9. Well I put on my makeup today and let me tell you I so saw a difference in my face it was stunning, so stunning that Im almost scared to switch concealers because I dont ever wanna see my face look bad again. I just got done using the face mask and this time I noticed a little redness after but I think it was because I used the Triaz before to remove my makeup and normally I dont use them close together because of the irration.
  10. Well all I gotta say is this is the best my face has looked in a very long time, its even toned less red and hardly no acne. I am only doing this: Morning Exfoliate with Queen Helene Oatmeal and Honey Scrub (I exfoliate almost every weekday but not on the weekends or when im not going to wear makeup) Cleanse with Triaz 6% Mousterize (I only Mousterize after this if im going to wear makeup) Day I apply Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask to my entire Face leave on 12mins I wash it o
  11. Can Triaz prevent acne breakouts or is more just oriented towards killing the exsisting ones? Can my Queen Helen Mint Julep Mask help prevent breakouts or does it just lean more towards killing the current ones? If none of these prevents future breakouts does anyone have a product they would like to suggest just to help prevent future breakouts insteazd of killing the current ones?
  12. Ok well now its day 2 of my plan and so far last night and todays masks have really made my face look and feel more smooth plus has took the redness out a bit. Happy so far with my results.
  13. Type of Acne I have at the moment I have small acne bumps on my cheeks and on my forhead right now. They are very small and a few of them are red. I have combination skin. If i use to many oily products my face is quik to turn oily and if I use to many drying products my is quik to turn dry. I usually breakout the worse 2 weeks before my time of the month. Usually I dont have many breakouts throughout the rest of the time maybe a pimple or two. Here lately my skin has been worse then usual.
  14. Over the years I have tryed different foundations. I have tryed: Avon, Nuetragena, Covergirl, Maybelline, Merle Norman, Dior, Estee Lauder, Arden, Pshicaians Formula, Caboodles, Loreal, and Mary Kay. Out of all of these I recomend: / 1. Dior skin Fluid, Best coverage I have ever seen, doesnt break me out, looks natural feels natural with still covering, lasts all day. 2. Estee Lauder Ideal Matte, Silky smooth formula, natural look but doesnt cover as well as the dior, lasts about 4 to