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    Well I want to be in the UK.
  1. you look beautiful in your pictures!

  2. Olay Complete UV Moisture Lotion for Sensitive Skin. If I'm not mistaken, Dan recommended it a while back for a good summer sunscreen. My skin is closer to the dry side, and I find that this stuff still moisturizes really well. If I'm having a really dry day, I just add one drop of jojoba oil, and all the flakes disappear. It contains the antioxidants vitamin E and C, and it is 100% oil free and PABA free. An even bigger plus is that it has a broad-spectrum physical sunscreen (6% octinoxate
  3. Happy Birthday, and congratulations on having big tits.

  4. Hello beautiful, I just wanted to stop by one last time to tell you goodbye.

  5. Oh wow, I completely forgot I even made this thread! Sososo sorry! haha. Welllll I ended up applying the Studio Fix fluid with the 187 brush, and it looked absolutely F-L-A-W-L-E-S-S the entire night. Good thing I didn't go for the Full Coverage. The consultant told me that it's meant for...well, drag queens. Anyway, prom night was absolutely wonderful. Thanks for your help everybody!
  6. SmallTreasures

    On the Road

    The sun peeking through the clouds after the storm.
  7. How about you combine the two? Very long hair (such as the style in the first picture) doesn't generally complement a long face. It elongates the face even more. The same goes for very short styles. The length of the second style is more of what you want to go for. As far as bangs, the style in the first picture would work very well for long faces. Bangs create the illusion of width. So when you go to your hair stylist, I recommend asking for a medium cut with "Kate Voegele" bangs.
  8. I'm glad you liked the egg white mask! I know, it does make your skin very tight. But it completely refines your pores. And after you use it a few times, you'll definitely notice your red marks fading. I love it. For the egg yolk mask, it isn't necessary to whisk the yolk. Just make sure it breaks apart and is nice and creamy. I usually don't mix the honey and yolk together because that can be very messy. I usually spread a thin layer (a little under a tablespoon) of honey all over my face
  9. under that acne, i bet you have soft silky butter skin, which i would love to get to know more.

  10. so what did your sexy self do today? just be more sexy?

  11. well thats a hard question to answer lol well im chris

  12. Haha well hi there! ;D I'm Laurel. Who might you be? :)

  13. According to dermatologists, pores become clogged due to a flaw in the skin's exfoliation process. This can be caused by many factors such as abrasive scrubs, hormones, and simply genetics. Once the pore lining is damaged, the pore can become clogged much more easily. Topical exfoliants -- especially salicylic acid and mandelic acid -- help the skin repair its pore lining and allow for steady oil flow out of the pore, thus resulting in fewer clogged pores. Also, a topical does not "tell" the