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  1. I was just wondering if my scars would be totally disappear if i done those fraxel laser and stuff... because i had quite alot of rolling scars and im only 16!! and will the younger time you done those treatments.. the better results you would have?
  2. I tend to be more kinder and helpful, is it i am more mature , or is it my scars =(
  3. Well, Im good-looking once, but avenge looking now+( but it tends to improve kindness in me
  4. I brought the bioskincream it successfully, maybe your computer got virus.
  5. Congrats on that superb product that you used, do remember to tell us the good news after a month or so, of using it.
  6. I went to a date on sunday 2 Augest 2007 with obvious acne scars on my cheeks o_0... the girl saw my acne scars and seems to give me a glance which tell me to back off. I dont know if the girl really like me or not but i have no confidence that the girl would call me the second time =( but we went to the movie together, and i talk very seldom because of her expression (ACNE SCARS RUIN ME LIFE =(
  7. Thanks for all your comments, i will look forward to go dates, but put make up =)
  8. Its oxy 5 which ruin my face and cause the increase of scarring
  9. DO NOT DO THAT!!!!! it would peel it off the layer of skin and make bloody and red patchers on your skin!! if it would made it fade, the condition would be aggravated.
  10. Acne scars had made my head bending down all the time until it felt tired to rise it back again. I read all your comments on the post last monday and you people teach me about confidents and to be happy of yourself. Thanks for that =)
  11. Anyway who want to date with a acne scar guy? people just dont understand about acne =(
  12. If does fraxel laser for years after years, the scars would disappear eventually?