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  1. Yea there was a bump but I constantly put 10% BP at night, and the pimple decreased significantly over 3 days
  2. I tend to use AHA only at nights (and not during the nights where the next day I would have to be outside for a long time). AHA (on the product label) makes your skin more sensitive to the sun. However, on the nights I do use AHA, I use it as a moisturizer (over/on top of the BP)
  3. For what its worth, I had a pimple between my nose and face a couple weeks back (and numerous times before). I popped it and immediately put some SA on it. I gave it time and now its gone. I'm pretty sure its not the same situation as yours but time is a healer.
  4. As you guys all know, sweat contains all those nasty little particles that clog up pores. I'm just wondering what you guys do when you guys are sweating, particularly during the gym, running, or eating spicy food Its just not reasonable to bring multiple towels (to the gym) and its annoying to keep going to the sink and washing the face after every exercise. So what do you guys do about it?
  5. i think cleansers help trap up the dirt and other follicles better than just plain water. its kind of like soap for the face. sure water can make hands look clean, but hand soap gets rid of the 99% bacteria! so think of cleansers as 'face soap'
  6. Its the same thing. Some people report that it drys the skin a little. Personally, I like it for spot treatments. The extra dryness seems to help make the pimple go away faster I like clearasil's 10% more than any other as it has a pasty/chalky consistency (all BP are not made the same).
  7. I've also heard some success stories about acne after people go on a colon purge (your thoughts on that?). I want to try that (I have very mild acne) but I don't want to risk anything.
  8. From experience, it works well. I would put Dans 2.5% all over my face and then put some 10% over red trouble spots/areas. It has worked well in accelerating the reduction of the pimple. As a side note, I prefer clearasil's chalky BP over clean and clear's BP. the chalkiness seems to dry out the pimple faster.
  9. Ive been using Neutrogena Rapid Clear (2% SA) around the general area with these. The skin with this acne is pretty stubborn though.. I honestly think I need to just get rid of these hard pus by popping them...
  10. Has anyone ever experienced this type of acne? The pimples are really small bumps that are not red at all. You would also have to look at my face in a certain angle/light to see them. Ive squeezed them before and "hard pus" comes out. Its the type of pus that comes out in a string. On top of that, by popping these pimples, you wouldnt even know I had a pimple there a few hours later. Its frustrating to know that theres pus in my face, I just dont know exactly where!
  11. im not going to lie, i dont have the self-discipline to go without it over a long period
  12. I just cant take it with powder + water, the taste is so... unbearable. I still have tablets but they are time-release tablets. I have found success mixing a small teaspoon into gatorade however. Maybe I should try some green tea + lemon combo?
  13. for those taking the powder form, how do you take it?
  14. I forgot to mention that when my left cheek was emerging with acne, my right cheek with completely clear. I was like oh no... i have a feeling somethings going to happen. Luckily it has not been as bad as the left check.
  15. When I first got acne in the fifth grade, it was nasty red bumps on the back of my neck. However slowly but surely, as the neck acne went away but the forehead acne emerged. Now my head is clear but Im battling acne on the check. Anyone else have weird turn of events in their battle with acne?
  16. In my experience with acne, it seems that the pimples on my lip or near it, seems to go away the quickiest. Anyone else think this? Is it because of the constant moisturizing with the saliva that helps it?
  17. i dont think its eczema. i dont feel any of its symptoms. also, i took b5 daily before i stopped so i dont know what happened this time. thanks for your input
  18. thanks for the input. im trying to finger what ive been doing differently recently. this is so annoying!
  19. bg story: ive been dealing with acne on the face for about 5 years, and only the face. about a 2 weeks ago, ive noticed small isolated red bumps on my stomach area. and a couple days ago, it just full on exploded. that is why i am confused, im not sure if this much acne can surface this fast which leads me to believe its not acne. i noticed more and more spots everyday. my back is clear except for 2 red spots (which scares me) and seem to have 2-3 of these spots on the calf of my leg.. anyone h