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  1. Can somebody recommend a good toner that will help keep my oil in control and also minimize the appearenc and size of pores without overdrying my skin and in return causing it to be oiler. currently i am looking at the biore triple action astringent and the neutrogena pore refining any insights into the above 2 and anything better will help thanx
  2. im thinking of applying 800IU vitamin e oil from the gel caps on my face today for sum minor/shallow scars and redness can i apply this to my whole face? can i keep it on all night? or should i keep it on for a specific time period and then wash off? will this make me break out or clog my pores im using this to improve the texture of my skin and make it more radiant also is it more effective if i ingest the vitamin e pill? if so can i take it with 50mg zinc, 10 000IU vitamin A i take daily?
  3. it been just over 6 months since ive been off my 2nd round of accutane and im wonderin how long will the redness last on my cheeks and slight redness and darkening of my forehead? i have heard vitamin e help with shallow scars but will it help with the redness? also does vitamin e applied topically clog pores??? does it help shrink pores???? funny how my skin is perfect where i shave like my chin, sides, moustache, neckline,,, any ideas???
  4. yah sumtimes i get dry eyes cuz i got contacts and put refresh tears in my eyes sometimes b4 i go to sleep sum of it drains just below the eyes on my face and when i wake up in the morning it really dry and flaky there so i have always wondered if its a good astringent but the redness i dont really know but i will research this more because i have redness on cheeks
  5. i feel your pain i have noticed i have also developed sum form of OCD regarding my facial complexion i cant stop thinking about it i look in the mirrors too much im always lookin at my reflection whether its a car window outside i hate it i hate going out now i always think people are lookin at me - an i dont even have active ACNE it just the bloody redness and oilness and sum pig pores LOL im not crazy im a social guy who likes having fun and im 3.5 gpa student at university but this shit
  6. PLEASE HELP ME will those cosmetic skin lighteners (there tons and tons of them out there) help with a mild facial redness??????? - also sumtimes i get a tingly feeling in my face but no random facial flushing IF so which ones are good, i heard some have high amounts of mercury, are there any safe FDA approved ones????????? its been just over 6 months since ive finished my 2nd course of accutane (first one was in 03) and i noted this time i got about 6 times (ALL OF THEM i think when i was
  7. IM also considering buying some ACV because of all the good reviews it gets. Does it help with oily skin and big pores? I DONT have active acne just the odd whitehead here and there but oily skin with sum light redness? also is it better to take orally or topically or both, please help? currently i take 2 tablets of 25mg zinc with dinner 1 10 000IU tablet of vitamin A with dinner cleanse with spectrojel 2wice daily and moisturize at night only
  8. Hi, i currently have a bottle of vitamin A 10 000IU sitting at home, i have been on accutane 2x and am have been clean since ive been off (its been 5 months) i have the odd white head and some redness around my cheeks and sides which i want to clear. i also have KP on my upper arms. my question is that how potent is this dosage of vitamin A? are there side effects like accutane becuz isn't accutane a derived from vit A, like will it make my skin redder ---> initially break me out, can i go