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  1. If Bactrim DS dont work, try the topical version of it. The brand i use is Prascion and the generic name for it is sodium sulfacetamide(10%)-sulfur(5%). It is a cleanser you use Morning and Night. I first used the tablet form and it worked for about 4 months and after that i broke out again, but since i use the topical form, which is the cleanser, i havent broken out since.
  2. Aznboithanh


    process in 2009
  3. I know you are a big advocate. I've read your posts and it's made me really interested in it. But now I am so scared! I looked at her story and it's so sad. She had no scarring and now she has scars. She is starting to look a lot better. I think she had IPL to fix it. These companies that sell the machines are awful. They had complaints and still didn't disclose them? They should be heavily sanctioned. They are criminally negligent, IMO, because they are required to disclose bad results.
  4. Don't Give Up bro! i suffered acne when Hurricane Katrina hit my city, New Orleans, but i didnt give up even though i lost everything such as my house, priceless pictures, and many other valuable. As time went by, my acne is getting in control now, and new technology such as stem cell ( which is being tested at the moment in selected countires) and state of the art laser are here to help. Acne also helped me decide what i wanted to do as a career, which is to be a Dermatologist. SO cheer up!
  5. all i got to say is the longer you stay in the tanning bed the more prone you'll be to get skin cancer xD think about that
  6. After you're done with accutane, you have to wait at Least 6 months before you can do chemical peels, lasers and etc. Why? cause your epidermis was thinned when taking accutane and it needs time to thicken up again.
  7. well i use BP wash 5% and wait about 5 mins before applying aczone on and i dont any probelm with it, but yea it tells you on the lil paper inside the box that it will cause orange/yellowish skin tone if used right after or before putting aczone on, but the good thing is that it will go away in a few weeks.
  8. it took me 3 weeks before i could see any improvement, but now its helping my red marks. from what i seen it takes about 4 weeks before you can see big improvements so stick with it for 12 weeks and if it doesnt get better try something else.(im on my 6 week with aczone so far it helped my acne even though i still have small breakouts.)
  9. can you post the exact direction on the forum maybe then we will get a better idea of the product direction, thats if you dont mind ^^.
  10. You know you are overwashing your face. probably that is why you are breaking out so much. try the liquid purpose cleanser and follow with aczone morning and night. I am on aczone at this time too because differin doesnt work for me anymore after using it for almost a year and aczone is my last resort before going into accutane.
  11. I've heard lots of benfits that an Acai berry gives but has anyone notice any change i there acne with this berry?
  12. Hey, I been on Smoothbeam for awhile now and i want to switch to get frexel. I was wondering if Fraxel is worth getting done and does it get rid of red marks and how many treatment you have to get with this treatment.
  13. Hey, i was wondering did you ever start any laser theraphy before doing the injections?
  14. I was on Tazorac for about a year and a half. It worked for me for about a year then it stopped because i constantly was breaking out. After that my derm. swtiched me to differin and she also put me on Bactrim DS, it worked but now after my breakout i am seeing scars that i never saw recongize i had.
  15. I been on Differin for about one and a half month and it's been working for me but really slow. I was wondering which % are you using ? Is it the 0.1 or 0.3%? If your using 0.1 i think you might want to use the 0.3% one, also i think that the medicine is finally working andthats why you are beaking out because its say's it on the offical website.