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  1. Hey how many times a day do you use it? And which cleanser do you use? Can you wear makeup on it? I didn't know this one can cure acne, i thought it was a moisturizer. Anyway, you look great now in the picture
  2. I just bought Max Factor Panstik some days ago and today is the first day i used it. And yeah, wow, the coverage is great! It's a bit too thick to get on and spread over the face so in this respect liquid foundation is better. By the way I want to ask do you use a sponge or brush to get this foundation on? Because right now I'm using my fingers (still think its the only possible way for this kind of foundation). Will see in some weeks if my skin reacts against it or not. Because my skin is very
  3. So bad i cannot attend it, it would be almost 4AM over my place. But I would love to read the chat log. Thanks in advance!
  4. aii... nogood, i think we are on the same boat. I'm also living in the other side of the pond and its so painful to pay 3 times more expensive because of the shipping costs. I even cannot find the psyllium capsules here, so I just bought them from the states. and to bfg: that would be very nice if you find any good shipping deal. You are a legend for helping everyone like that!
  5. Hey Christy, congrats on ur results! Just wanna ask you something: after the reg. do you put on moisturizer? And do you wear makeup? I have to wear makeup everyday to school and work (to hide my embarrassing zits and redmarks). Just afraid that the makeup will have a bad effect on the healing :( P.S: I'm in Europe so probably I have to buy these stuffs online.
  6. This method looks interesting. My skin is very very sensitive and always dried out after washing. So do you think this reg. could be hard for sensitive skin? And how long it took you to be clear from this reg.? Thanks!
  7. Thank you guys a lot. Last weekend I went out and bought jojoba oil, after reading all of the rave reviews about it. I have been using it for 2 days and so far there's nothing really changing yet, my skin does feel less flaky but the skin area on top and around my nostrils is still dry. I'm currently using Garnier skin naturals for dry/sensitive cleanser, still looking for some kind of more gentle cleanser but still can take off my makeup. Oil over dry skin is so frustrating!
  8. Hi everyone! My skin has been suffering from this state for a long time. After I wash my face (I already change into a cleanser for dry/sensitive skin), my skin always feel tight and about 10 mins later starts to dry and show some dry patches, especially the small area around my nose. This makes my makeup looks awful! However this doesn't mean I have dry skin. Just after about 1 hour or so from washing, my face starts to become oily and just 3 hours later, you can deep fry anything on it!!! Th
  9. I think people may tend to pop it, because it looks so annoying. But i think the best is leaving it alone. Just don't think of it (which is quite a hard thing to do). I remember having one under the skin spot, it was quite big, and inflamed for some time. But then for some reason I didn't pay attention to it any more, forgot completely about it and two or 3 days after it disappeared without any trace! Yes, true, it just disappeared into thin air! Now I followed a new regime, all the cleansers,
  10. To bulbagrrrl: I understand how you feel now. You even have the courage of not wearing makeup, I haven't been successful in avoiding wearing makeup. I wear it like almost everyday otherwise I wouldn't leave home and I still know some people talk behind my back. That's tough huh? I really want to wash my face with water only but it's so damn oily, water only cannot wash them all away!
  11. This is exactly my problem also. Recently I had the worst breakout ever (still trying to find the cause) and school just started again. I didn't have a good connection with my classmates before, in fact at the beginning I tried to make conversations but they just answered what I asked and then went back to their groups. Now I don't bother any more, I ignored and stayed distant with everyone and now acne makes that distance even bigger. Every time walking on the street or in my class, I always ha
  12. Did you start anything just recently? Cleanser? Moisturiser? Maybe give EM a go for another 2-3 weeks and maybe your breakout might clear up. Maybe its your face getting used to a new product. But if you continue to breakout after using EM frequently for 2-3 weeks, you might want to look into another MMU brand. Yes you can get more sample kits to find a better match. But you cant get more than one sample kit in the one order. I think i went through like seven till i finally tried the mult
  13. I really really wanted to love EM as it gives me the most natural look ever. But now I'm pretty sure that its the cause of my recent breakout I don't know why but my pores look bigger and I get shiny and oilier faster when I have this on. I'm very happy to hear that it works that perfect on you guys. Can't believe that I'm in the minority who have problems with EM.
  14. I dont know if its true but EM seems to break me out. I have moderate acne and very oily skin. My skin looks very natural when wearing EM, i have to admit and I love that, the best looking make up i have ever worn. But after a few hours of EM on the white heads on my face got bigger and feel a bit painful. I'm not sure if its a good or bad thing and if its because of EM?
  15. I had the whole range of tea tree oil products from the Body Shop last year. It did nothing but irritated my sensitive skin. My skin was usually (and still now) dried up terribly and looked flaky after washing but 2 hours later it would be as oily as a frying pan. Now I'm using a gentle cleanser for dry/sensitive skin but my skin is so dry / and oily aftermaths. (???) really don't know whats up with it.