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  1. He's a vegetarian. Eat flaxseed's, also lots of margarines are fortified with Omega3's.
  2. Maybe go vegan for the animals sake? You need nothing from animal sources that can't be got elsewhere.. Switching to a diet free from animal products alone won't clear your skin.. because obviously as a vegan you are still aloud to eat sugary and fried stuff and things with chemicals in etc etc.. you need to cut those things out mainly and start cutting further things out once you've done all that until you pinpoints certain foods that make your skin worse.
  3. These are the same kind of clueless people who say diet has no link to acne and you should go on anti-biotics to clear it up. When will people learn that doctors talk shit, shit, and more shit >.< Also to the guy who'd never heard of ingesting vinegar.. what the hell do you think people put on their chips?
  4. The washing of your face with the cleanser can make spots look more red etc, usually calms down after a while.
  5. Diet has everything to do with acne.. I know this from personal experience.. every time I see someone say otherwise I cry inside.. Keep at it.. I also have the book and cutting out almost all the 'skin sinners' and eating lots more 'skin savers' did my skin the world of good.
  6. those people have melonoma now. 30 mins may be safe, but why? you can get a moisturizer with spf 15, sun exposure can make red marks worse, cause wrinkles and age spots in the long run, and possibly skin cancer for some people who get lots of unprotected sun exposure.
  7. Much better in summer, most likely due to sun drying the skin and tanning it and the large amounts of vitamin D.
  8. Mineral water will be purer than normal tap water.. and the impurities in tap water may have negative affects on your skin.