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  1. So about 3-4 weeks ago I REALLLLLY REGRET THIS but I put tea tree oil on my pimples as I heard it takes them away. i pretty much had the most perfect skin before this just 1-2 tiny pimples on either cheek. So I didn't dilute it or mix it with something I just put a bit right on and kept it over night. since that I've had a darker discoloured looking face, with red marks that burn a bit as well if i put normal creams or anything on it. And I have be verrrrrry dry kind of flakey looking skin.
  2. Im really hoping you see this because i have the same thing as you described! Put the TTO overnight on my pimples and i woke up and my face is darker , verrrry dry almost flaky and full of red areas kinda burn sometimes!! Even have Shrivelled skin/wrinkles. Put the oil about 3 weeks ago. Please let me know how yours went away! HOPINg i havent ruined my skin forever. i one else's is also reading this, PLEASE HELP!