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  1. Well that's good your new product is/was working for you. I haven't been on in awhile to check this so I decided I'd give it off for both. :]

    I've been decent myself, bit of drama here and there and a passing of a family member recently but I'm trying to keep my head up about things.

  2. Hi Tiffany. Ive been okay. I finally went on Epiduo gel which is the same as Differin and I love it. It really is working and Ive only been using it since last monday

  3. 1 ) It works great for me, dries up the break outs, helps keep my slight bit of oily skin under control. 2 ) I usually apply it on damp/wet skin. Like after I get out of the shower/have washed my face, usually patting my face dry on a towel before hand as well. 3 ) I'd start with once a week to see how your skin likes it and test you and see where to go from there, if your skin needs more than just once a week bump it up to twice and see how that helps.
  4. I liked colorstay when I used it, though I couldn't get the right shade to match my skintone. As for why your skin hates the product now the formula could have been changed and or your skins just grew some type of irritant to something in the product.
  5. Hey! I haven't been on much but just popping over to see how you've been.

  6. I don't wear make up everyday usually when I'm going out only or people are coming over, your skin needs a break sometimes. If it's just a normal everyday thing it's : Green concealer. Foundation. Eyeliner. Usually one or two swipes of mascara, with my eyelashes it's all I need. and usually Everyday minerals eyeshadow, or avons. If I need it I'll use a bit of loose powder as well. I'm seventeen.
  7. I love love love the mint julep mask, it's practically one of my life savors. Though seeing this thread has made me realize I haven't used my own in quite some time I need to get back on schedule with it.
  8. I LOVE this stuff, you just reminded me I haven't used mind in awhile - I need to, my skins having a small freak out since it's 'that time of the month' Maybe the mask will help me get that back in check, it usually does.
  9. I usually tone with my Dickinson Witch hazel toner, my skin seems to have a nasty flip out of I slack off on using it. It seems to make a difference in my skin, it's not as oily when I use it, helps clear up some of the break outs.
  10. I haven't tried it on my face but I have used it for the clogged pores and my chest and back, it seems to work pretty well, you have to be carefully not to apply to much though or it seems to like to.. I guess you could say 'ball up'.
  11. I wash my face twice a day, but if I get sweaty and need to clean up midway through the day I'll usually just rinse off with water and be on my way. I don't think I'd want to personally use a toner more than twice a day though , that seems like it'd be a bit drying.
  12. I've noticed if you actually let yourself go out and have fun you tend to forget about your skin over the process of it. I can feel a bit antsy from time to time at the beginning of a outing but after awhile I forget and just want to have a good time.
  13. I personally like witch hazel. I've got the.. Dickinson's witch hazel daily facial toner.
  14. I tool the route of testing our the Monistat anti-chafing powder gel for a primer, and have to say I love it, a little goes a LONG way though, so the tube will probably last quite awhile. For eye shadows.. I personally love Everyday minerals, Amuse, Kissywear, and Physicians formula. For eyeliner I've found Revlon Colorstay to work great, I can put it on in the morning and it's still there into the late hours of the night.