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  1. When I have left over scabs from acne I press a warm wash cloth to it 2x a day to try and get it to fall off. It's most likely going to leave a red mark behind that will fade in time. Be gentle to your skin until then. I learned very quickly that my only real medicine was time unfortunately. best of luck! -Meg
  2. Could be a cyst. I would see a doctor immediately in case it is anything else. -Meg
  3. Hi! That looks to me like it could possibly be hormonal acne! I was diagnosed with it and I would get a lot of acne on my cheeks and some on my jawline. If you are looking for a gentle cleanser have you tried the Neutrogena make-up remover wipes? Use the blue packaged one as the pink is scented and my skin did not react well (maybe we have similar skin). After I remove my make-up, I wash my face using a cetaphil bar soap. So gentle on my face! Hopefully that helped some! -Meg
  4. Hi! I highly recommend the Mirena. I had my son at 19 and got it immediately afterwards. It just expired and I got it immediately replaced. I will not lie I believed my hormonal acne breakout in November was related to the dwindling down of hormones in the mirena and had to seek a dermatologists advice. He prescribed me spironaccutone and that has helped as well as my new mirena! everyones body is different so you will know what is best for you. good luck!
  5. Hey! I was one if the typical spiro users and it took me about 6 months to notice a huge change. I still notice I get spots here and there but they are not cysts and they go away within a week (if i don't pick). I notice I break out when I am in the sun but do not use sunscreen, when I drink more then a glass of alcohol in one setting, and when I am incredibly stressed and emotional (linked to my period I believe because I have mirena and I do not get one) I hope that your acne continues
  6. Hi there! I have very similar acne to yours! I broke out on my right cheek horribly back in Oct 2016. I had struggled with severe acne back in high school when I was about 15 but that was normal and it calmed down in about a year. I figured that the Oct. 2016 breakout was due to being in an academy program, being away from home and my normal laundry detergents, and the stress of having a new job on top of grad school. However, when I got back my face got worse. I eventually developed a cyst
  7. I think it would do you wonders if you saw a dermatologist. If you are still against seeing one, I have found using the cetaphil bar soap for a cleanser has done wonders with my spiro. I hope it gets better for you
  8. You will need a prescription for it! I take 50mg a day. At first it does make your face worse. Two weeks in and my face freaked out but now my right cheek is clear I've been on it since early January.
  9. Hi there! I've read numerous articles about how the sun can actually make your skin worse. Are you outdoors a lot? I've also heard alcohol can cause acne. I've personally cut out all alcohol from my lifestyle even on special occasions. I know everytime I drink I wake up with a new pimple generally between my brows or near my nose.
  10. Hi there! That sure reminds me of how my right cheek looked back in November. I would have a few cysts but I'd have little bumps everywhere. It turned out to be hormones for me. Have you tried Spironaccutone?
  11. I personally have not noticed any extra oil production or larger pores. My pores have always been slightly larger and noticeable if closer to a mirror. In regards to hyperpigmentation, my cheek got hit pretty hard by it and I tried Trentonin .025%. I had no luck with that and instead it made my entire right side turn splotchy and red. So with that said, I've been too afraid to put anything more on my face. Additionally, I have freckles so thankfully most of my marks will blend in. Time has bee
  12. In regards to spiro, my acne hasn't 100% cleared. I would say that it is much better as I only get one or two small zits at a time. I haven't been lucky enough to stay 100% clear longer than 5 days but I know that hormones and stress playa huge role in my acne. Spiro can't fix stress! Stay positive as I know spiro will help with hormonal acne. If you don't clear maybe see what other factors could be causing it. Best of luck! -Meg
  13. Hey! I am new to acne.org and this will be my first reply. I am in the same boat as you, I work in a male dominated field where feeling low about your face is unacceptable and a sign of weakness. I was diagnosed with hormonal acne back in December because my face (especially right upper cheek) was covered in pimples! They put me on spiro 25mg twice a day. At first I saw an immediate clear up and then about 3 weeks in, my face had a meltdown. I had cystic acne that developed on that cheek and