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  1. no problem with contradicting what I said. I guess what works for me might not work well for others. It's gotten to the point where I've stopped taking all topical/oral medications now because honestly; the only thing that causes acne for me is water for some reason. I dont wash my face in the morning. dont wash it at night. i wash it maybe twice a month. its the only thing thats worked for me, heh.
  2. what you need is nonevasive products. if you use salicylic acid, use no more than 2%. same for benzyleperoxide(sp?) - I personally hate the latter, though. The key is to not agrivate your skin more than it already is due to hormones. all of this reddening, and flaking medications just make it worse. try to get an oil free exfoliating wash that has 2% salicylic acid in it. I think that alone will really help your acne. dont rub endlessly, either. the less water and rubbing on your face the bette
  3. what is hard/soft water? how do you achieve one or the other? does it involve water pressure?
  4. Ok, here's my little story.. my plumbing is really really messed up, and because of this, i'm only able to shower about twice a week at my girlfriends since my shower at home is messed up. likewise, i dont wash my face in the morning (or do anything with it, i dont put meds on my face in the morning) and at night, all i do is wet the end of my dirty towel in the bathroom and wipe my face off a little. after that i put on a night cream that has 2% salicylic acid (which isnt very much, no peelin
  5. there's been a hugggeee discussion about this before. anyway, if you have acne all over your face, using neo to clear yourself up and 'start over' is truely amazing. the problem? you'll get a rash within 2 weeks of usage. the rash stays there for abou two months, too. is it worth it? yea, kinda. but i suggest using it for about a week to clear yourself up, and then go back to your normal reg.
  6. I am now 100% certain dairy is a huge cause to my acne problems.. I was super super clear all last month, and then I have two begals with cream cheese and BAM, broken out everywhere. prior to the cream cheese, I had refraimed from all dairy minus cheese on pizza, and my face looked sooooooooo nice.
  7. Ok, here's my advice, but it may not work well for you. Whenever I break out, chances are it's due to a change in diet or routine of topical acne products. I broke out pretty badly cause ive been trying different products lately, and im tired of it so i quit, and now im back to normal. what you gotta do is cut out all diary for a little while, drink as much water as possible, ingest as much parsley as possible, and just use a gentle face wash and a moisturizer that doesnt have acne treatment
  8. Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub is pretty good. I used to have really bad blackheads on my nose, and now it's just so-so.
  9. the pill seems like a nice thing, and i kind of want to try it.. the only thing is, im realllllly thin already, taking a diet pill might make me worse.
  10. neo worked great for me, but then I got a rash and stopped using it. it was so nice until then...
  11. some people have an initial break out with SA. I remember thats how my forehead was too. so I stopped, and left it alone for months.. now im using sa again and im fine. it works great. if youre good with sa and bp, this plan seems to work. but if your skin doesnt like either or one of the two, it wont work well. personally my skin works well with both if its in small doses...so i might give it a shot.
  12. Ok, so I got a rash near my lower left eye that wont seem to go away. it's been fading lately, but not by much. I've had it aprox two weeks. It doesn't hurt or anything, but resembles a zit that hasnt surfaced yet - though there isnt one under it. I think I'm forming another rash on my other cheek, and the only thing I can blame is neosporin... So I'm going to cut down on it (but not entirely) - neo works too well to stop all together. So I'm wondering, what's a good way to get rid of rashes?
  13. I didnt read all three pages, so this may have been covered already. But acne is a mental disease also. Stress causes/helps acne, which means there's mentality along with physical hormonal issues. Anorexics never fully get over their problem, even if mentally they can. there will still be remnants of their problem for many years. And for some, their entire life. My point is the same can happen with acne. If you have really really bad acne, and are obviously ashamed of it... By the time your
  14. Kudos I must say, my face hasn't been this nice for a long time also. I still get a few pimples here and there, but my face as a whole is looking pretty nice.