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  1. How are things going for you FinerMake?
  2. You are healing so beautifully. It's a joy to watch your progress. So happy for you!
  3. Great to hear from you Jollyhohnson!!! Really wonderful news in so many ways!! Keep positive about the hair loss. Hopefully it will continue to lessen and as you say it's hardly noticeable. Let us know how you get on with the appointment in March and generally if you can.
  4. So good to hear from you. 6 weeks post accutane now too. All good. Skin is great. No lingering side effects now at all. Hallelujah!!!!
  5. Yes great. Eyes have improved, not dry anymore, tiredness has improved too and concentration. Feel happier and more positive generally. Skin is still good. Lips much less dry. No headaches. Pleased to hear it's going so well for u too. Not long now.
  6. Agree. Never got dry at all on face either. Never ever needed moisturiser facially, only extremely dry lips. Derm reassured that everyone is different. Doesn't mean it's not working! Hang in there. Be positive.
  7. You are healing yourself not damaging yourself. It will get better. Hyperpigmentation will fade and is far better than acne. All the very best. Keep strong.
  8. Great news DW75. Daughter is good too. Happier, more confident, facial skin good. Top of back still not clear but face is priority. Skin tone is gradually returning. Odd small spot occasionally but goes quickly.Energy levels slowly returning. Less brain fog too. All good.
  9. Juwalker

    Miracle drug

    Miracle drug

    Really worked for me. Took a few months to kick in but so worth the wait. I have been on this drug for 10 years with no bad side effects. A life changer!
  10. Bless you. Sorry to hear you are having such a tough time. Totally sympathise. Fingers crossed that it will resolve for you. All the best.
  11. 10 days post accutane. Skin is good. Few cuts/grazes due to thin skin, no acne spots. Lips still dry. Some headaches and dry eyes. Looking forward to 6 weeks post accutane now as symptoms are subsiding and will hopefully be gone. All good.