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  1. Hi love, sorry to reply late. So what I think is the real solution for these clogged pores is actually getting them extracted. Go to a good esthetician and have her do extractions on you. after that, you can MAINTAIN your skin using the mandelic acid. The acid is great for maintenance but it does not remove them on its own. They MUST get extracted.
  2. yes, I am 99% clear from comedones/clogged pores.
  3. I used tretinoin for this same problem, clogged pores. It actually made me purge them in painful cystic acne which seriously damaged my skin. So stay away from that stuff as the way it purges is crazy and more visible than the actual comedone. You don't need to go to a doctor office to get extractions, that will cast u a fortune. You can go to any esthetician that has experience and get extrations. Look up for one online that is near you. And like I said you need to use AHA acids on the skin aft
  4. Yes, they are clogged pores (comedones). They sit under the skin and take forever to purge. Acids like mandalic and glycolic help a lot like ImTheTinMan said. But first you must get the extracted by a professional. The acids are great at maintaining clean pores but first you must get them extracted then use acids to maintain them. I used and tried everything and thats what worked for me. Good luck
  5. Yes I think acids like Mandalic and glycolic are fantastic. But first u must go and get extractions. This is the best way believe me, I had them and suffered to get rid of them. Nothing helped but getting them extracted then using acids to maintain non clogged pores.
  6. Hi Jessie, thank you so much for your comment. So tretionin was the worst thing that a dermatology ever put me on. If I tell you, you will never believe the pain I went through. Every single one of the comedones purged into inflammed cystic painfull acne. I had to stop it at 4 month because it ruined my skin. I wish you commented earlier and I wish that I actually got them extracted instead of going through all this pain. Thankfully today its much better and although im suffering from lumps that
  7. I have been using it for 6 days now and yes alcohol works as a vehicle for the mandelic acid to help it better penetrate the skin. I have been on tretionin for exactly 3 month and yes I use it once a day everyday 0.05% gel form.I have been using it for 6 days now and yes alcohol works as a vehicle for the mandelic acid to help it better penetrate the skin. I have been on tretionin for exactly 3 month and yes I use it once a day everyday 0.05% gel form.
  8. Hey there how are you, im still using the product.. so far I haven't seen any improvement with the comedones. I feel like althought the product has 5% mandelic acid, it also has a lot of alcohol which dries out my skin a little. I'm of course more dry than anyone else because im on tretionin and benzoyl peroxide. I will keep using it though and I do have hope that it will clear my comedones.. My left cheeks however is suffering from the use of tretionin, its looks to me as if its pitted or begin
  9. Hey so there is no instructions on this bottle or in the box, is there any specific instructions on how you use it and when? I still wana keep using the tretionin just so I can give it it's fair round.
  10. I just received the bottle. Will be trying it today.
  11. Still waiting to receive the item.. it should come tomorrow.. I will post on here when it comes and start using it immediately.
  12. The inflamed picture is the left cheek and the right cheek is the .. this is update while on 12 weeks of tretionin gel 0.05 to treat black/whiteheads or comedonal acne.
  13. Ok thank you so so much.. I will update you on what happens
  14. Thats so great to hear.. I will give it a try and let you know any updates .. thank you so much for helping people around with this same problem. Can i just ask you this.. how long after taking like a day or two off of the toner does the comedones come back or reappear. Do you feel like it pops out immediately after skipping like one day. im asking this because I have tried something recently that makes the comedones disapear for a day or two then it shows on the third day in the same place it w
  15. My comedones purged but after the purge was over the comedones return to being the old comedones that was in the first place. I'm wondering how this is supposed to help with comedonal acne. I will post a picture later today of my skin right now, I have like a whole cheek of inflamed tiny and pimples that take so much longer than usual to heal. And of course you can't pop those pimples even if they have a whitehead because if you do while on tretinoin you can scar your face. I'm just upset at m