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  1. I actually have seen a naturopath! We did testing to find out what my food intolerances were.. after that is when I went plant based (to avoid dairy and gluten, which I was very intolerant to!) Like I said, making these diet changes has helped with cystic acne.. but little spots are still occurring constantly.
  2. Accutane has been suggested to me countless times.. it's not something I'd ideally like to be on though. You make a good point. I'll talk to my doctor about the pill. Cysts are the worst! it just feels like an angry ex who won't leave! Getting rid of cysts has definitely been an improvement- I'm glad you had the same positive result to your diet change! It's always a good feeling when something actually works. I use a salicylic toner in the morning... and a glycolic & lactic at n
  3. I used benzyl peroxide for years! it worked really well for me, but I became allergic to it somehow. Red, itchy skin.. not good Thank you for the prayers I asked my family doctor about hormone testing, and she looked at me like I was dumb. She said it wouldn't show anything helpful.. she's the type that was trained to believe all acne is bacterial. Hopefully your doc is much more helpful! I'm still eating a plant based diet, yes! The thing i've noticed is since I've started it (almos
  4. I kid you not, I have tried everything to clear my skin. oral antibiotics topical antibiotics topical creams etc. changing my diet- going plant based (no dairy, no gluten, no meat) going on the pill- in an attempt to balance my hormones going on anti-anxiety medication- to try and calm me the F down. (I always break out when there's something on my mind) zinc supplements, omegas, etc. glycolic acid, lactic acid, retinol, sulfur, etc. (everythin