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  1. Does anyone else have an opinion on which works better? Turmeric mixed with Lemon Juice or Turmeric mixed with Milk? I am looking to fade red marks while avoiding a new breakout.
  2. Does mixing turmeric root powder with lemon juice work better than mixing with milk to fade red marks?
  3. Thanks. Any else have any suggestions on what works best for red marks? Turmeric powder mixed with milk, lemon juice, Or anything else?
  4. I've been reading about the benefits of using Turmeric Root Powder as a paste to lighten the red marks left after acne. What is the best way to make a paste with the Turmeric Powder? Mix it with water?? Mix with Yogurt? Honey? Can someone please let me know what works best? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has tried using Praventin to clear up their acne. I came across this product and just wanted to see if anyone out there has tried it. If you tried it, did it work?? http://www.vitacost.com/NSI-Praventin
  6. I know drinking ACV you are supposed take the organic one but when applying it as a toner which is better? I've been using just a store brand (not organic) ACV and using it in a 1:1 with water. Would I see better results with organic ACV? Can going from store brand unorganic to Braggs Organic make it worse? Is organic stronger and would I need to dilute it more than 1:1? Thanks
  7. Do certain brands of deodorant wosen acne? It seems that when I use Axe deodorant my acne gets worse. Maybe a certain ingredient or fragrance?? Can this be the case or is it just a coincidence?
  8. I have been using ACV for about 4 months now and it seems to be helping. My question is, if I stop using the ACV toner will pimples start popping up again. I'm going on vacation for a couple weeks and I dont want to bother bringing the toner and using it while I'm away. Will I see negative effects from this? Thanks~!
  9. I just recently changed deodorant brands and I noticed that my acne got worse. Does anyone think that certain deodorants can worsen acne with any of the ingredients it has in it? the fragrances and stuff. It may be a totally crazy idea but has anyone els experienced it or think it can be possible?
  10. I've read conflicting posts about using ACV as a toner. Some people say to leave it on while others say to rinse it off after 10 minutes. Which is the best way to use it?? Thanks!
  11. Has this reaction happened with any one else. Now I'm debating whether or not to continue with the ACV treatment. I started last night and I was planning on doing it every night with a 50/50 solution but after reading this thread I'm wondering if I should continue with it. If its only happening with a few people I'll take my chances but if a bunch of people are having this reaction please let me know.... Thanks.