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  1. Wow that's incredible. Congrats on all the progress. How would you time the TCA peels and the rolling?
  2. Thanks for the replies. I'll try steaming my face and applying some jojoba or argan oil before I shave and see if that helps. Thing thing about my scars though after I shave is that they're not close to where I grow hair on my face. They're on my upper cheeks and they really looked more filled in a few days after I shave or use a beard trimmer. Also, its not just the appearance of the areas I shave, its my whole face. I have excellent skin around my jaw region so this area looks normal no m
  3. I don't know if anyone else has this problem but every time I shave, with a razor or a beard trimmer, my skin always looks relatively terrible a few days following. It will be oily, the scars seem to look more jagged and just my overall complexion is much worse. After about two or three days though, my skin looks ridiculously much better. It looks as if my scars have filled in, the red marks are much better, and my overall complexion is bright and dewy. I don't get it. I've tried switch
  4. So I just dermarolled (1mm) for the fourth time in 6 months last night. I have the microswelling right now and am expecting my skin to be tough and leathery for the next few days but hopefully after that I'll see real results. So far results have been there, but they have not been very substantial. I'll update once the initial effects go away.
  5. I just completed my 3rd at home dermarolling session (1mm) 3 days ago. I'd say there was some improvement after the first two sessions but if there was any, it was pretty minor. It's hard to tell though because I didn't take any before/after pics . I space each session out by about 4-6 weeks. Right now my skin is in the dry/peeling phase and looks like crap hopefully it'll be back to normal in a few days. Anyway I'll keep you guys updated. Btw I have ethnic skin, ice pick and boxcar scars
  6. Hey guys so I posted a while ago about how I got clear by changing my diet and quitting smoking. I still have brown marks and some scars (a couple boxcar and some icepick.) Since I got clear, I feel pretty confident about putting whatever on my face so I decided to try out argan oil. It's been about a week but there are already definitely positive results. Although my marks and scars are still there, argan oil has helped with brightness and overall complexion. I am noticing some fading
  7. I definitely agree the vitamin D3 helps clear acne. Whenever I would be out in the sun all day, my acne would miraculously be all clear the following morning. I've been taking 4,000 IU for almost two months and its been helpful along with a good diet.
  8. Thanks guys ya quitting is tough . I've been really tempted the past week but I just keep thinking about getting a nasty cyst the next morning and I fight through it. Almost 4 weeks since my last smoke !!
  9. I posted a little while back saying I've pretty much cleared my acne through diet but am just left with scars and red marks. I would get the occasional NASTY cyst though which I thought were because of hormones or cheating very slightly on my diet. I've been a smoker for about 5 years (cigarettes and weed) and just recently quit about three weeks ago. I'm not saying smoking causes acne, but I am saying it aggravates it for me. The past week, I've cheated on my diet by eating candy and
  10. After 8 years of battling with acne, at age 23 I've finally found a pretty simple regimen that keeps me clear (tested it out for six months.) I still have scars but their not as bad as they were before, it just takes a lot of time for them to fade so patience is key. I've been lurking on these forums for years and wanted to just share my experiences and just breath a sigh of relief for getting rid of my annoying persistent acne. I used to get whiteheads but I mainly now (thankfully used to) g
  11. hey vpm, thanks for all the great info. do you use a specific product just for red marks or do you know which that works the best for you? also do you still use the csc lime moisturizer? I want to switch moisturizers but can't find one that doesn't make my oily skin even oilier later in the day. I don't know if you tried them, but Garden of Wisdom products are great too!
  12. hey guys i've been following this thread and wanted to follow up on some results *as a quick side note, i really have a problem with all the people asking about when to take what involving a prescription medication, PLEASE ask your doctor. Even though these are just antibiotics, no one on this forum knows your medical history and specific conditions besides your doctor. only your doctor should be giving you advice on how to mix prescription medications with other supplements you want to tak
  13. hi thanks for your concern but ive taken saw palmetto for 8 months now with 2 check ups in between. i told the doctor i was taking saw palmetto and he said its fine as long as i dont mix it with prescription meds or certain other drugs. also pantethine is a very common supplement as you can tell from all the posts about it on this forum.
  14. ok so i've spent the better part of 4 days researching acne's pus filled little guts out. just some info on me before i go on -21 yr old male with whiteheads, pustules on cheeks and forehead/had acne since 14 -tried FREAKIN everything except accutane/some regimens would get me fairly clear (DKR, proactiv) but it was a huge pain in the but to always do and i would still get about 2 pimples a week -currently im on multivitamin with probiotics, saw palmetto and proactiv, i have about 5-6 active p