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  1. Update: I still get occasional bumps (comedones) on my jawline, neck and forehead, but not often, i have noticed that my pores are starting to shrink this past past month, especially the ones on the nose and forehead area. I'm keeping my skin routine simple (green tea face wash before I go to bed, scrub during showers and only rinsing with water throughout the day, no moisturizers AT ALL) aaaand I rarely use makeup anymore, my skin is doing GREAATTT.
  2. Have patience. Avoid eating oil. Wash your face 6-7 a day. Do not apply any cosmetic product. And most important avoid touching your face and mobile phone way from face while talking, they have large number of bacteria which affect skin. Already done
  3. Yea it's alright, you're not alone. I'm still getting acne too and I'm in a worse position because I'm on 60mg a day and I've been on this for over 5 months nearly so how do you think I feel lol. Keep getting tiny pimples but the redness radius is triple the size I mean wtf.... YESS same thing happened to me!! this is month 7 (1 month post accutane) bumps haven't even moved lol I'm thinking maybe this is keraosis pillaris? but no more inflammed pimples I only get like 1 or 2 small ones around
  4. Update: all inflamed pimples and comedons disappeared except the little bumps under the skin of my jawline and on my shoulders, Im starting to guess that these are not even pimples
  5. I woke up to a new HUGE pimple, a few small ones and a few comedons too. tbh i just give up.. it's probably my fate
  6. Well, it's hard for me to determine if Accutane is working good or not since that horrible acne.org moisturiser wrecked my skin and my acne went on a rampage..... While changing back to my old moisturiser (2 days now) I used before and also fighting off the excess acne attack with witch hazel which has left my skin very dry, I have to let my skin recover. What a mess, I spent £35 on that crap product. So annoyed right now. I stopped accutane and decided to continue treating myself on my own,
  7. my course will be over in 5 days, I'll be going to a different dermatologist and ask for another course since I got some new inflamed pimples which is crazy tbh considering that I've been on this drug for 6 months already! maybe we should stick with it since it's our only hope i guess
  8. update: bumps are increasing and are now on my cheeks and forehead
  9. Thanks y'all for giving me hope, was very much needed ❤️ yess my course was meant to be 4 months and now im on the 6th tysm for the advice ❤️
  10. I'm literally so frustrated right now, it's been 5 months of accutane (20 mg twice a day) and im still breaking out and I'm getting like hundreds of comedons on my jaws and cheeks, my skin has many boxcar and rolling scars, and I think accutane made my pores HUGE .. seriously hating my skin rn is this normal? will i need another round of accutane? am i destined to have terrible skin forever? is my dose okay? I'm 21 F, 85 kgs, 175 cm nope .. i won't cry