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  1. Maybe you should try putting lemon jui.. or eh.. well... egg yolk in your hair...uhm....rub salt over it?.... or start eating less fish and more carrots..? or... uhm.... use laxative: it will clear out your body of any usefull nutrients so you will get a deficit and your hair will stop growing..... or.... squeeze tomatoes and put tons of bad hair products in it..... or...... damn.... I dont know! Perhaps you should just.. get another hair cut? You know we're only acne "experts" Just kiddin
  2. b5 as topical product works quite good....... speeds up wound healing (its used in surgery for this purpose). Vitamine E does a good job as well.
  3. Cut down on the BP (once a day). In reducing redness I found a great help in pantothenic acid (vitamin B5). Not orally and not 10 grams, but I crush the pills to get a powder, mix it with water and then apply the gelly substance to my face a couple of times a day. Vitamin E also helps. You could try it out, it isnt very expensive...
  4. Pantothenic acid (B5) locally has been proven to speed up recovery process of wounds. Vitamin E may help as well.. Crush a b5 pill and apply to the area. It did help me.. but maybe its just "confirmation bias" (look that up in a psychology book or something ). Robin
  5. Alright, you might want to give this a shot, it's really quite out of the ordinary but it seems to work, well..... great actually. But Im sort of skeptical.. Anyway, I eat lots of junk food the last 2 weeks which doesn't seem to do anything.. I mix crushed b5 pills (i cant get powder cheaply) with a bit of water (I boil it first) and I apply the gelly substance to my face with a q-tip. It gets absorbed really quickly. I do this 6 times a day (!). I can easily do this in the toilet, you just h
  6. Would you be interested in trying the B5 regimen? Something like this: http://acne.org/messageboard/viewtopic.php?p=7166#7166 Hang in there! Robin Trotsky
  7. puhfyn, what concentration of b5 were you on? I personally think you should have stopped topicals immediately (this will cause an initial breakout which will go down later). Here´s what I recommend you: Get pills to take in (500/1000mg is fine) and use the powder mixed with water or a water-based non-comedogenic base cream (20% by weight percentage) to apply to your skin. Mixing it with a little water produces a gelly substance which you can apply to your skin using a q-tip or somethi
  8. Posting every week would be great! May I recommend a more "proven" regimen (quite a difference though): - skip the Clean & Clear. It may work for the moment, but in the long term it's not doing much good. If you feel more confident using it, you can go on with it, but really it doesn't do much. - try to get B5 powder, or crush some pills (expensive!). You can apply a layer of B5 power mixed with a little water or a neutral water-based non-comedogenic cream to your face about 4 times a day
  9. Good to hear you're doing fine! I'm doing pretty bad, but somehow it isn't a real problem. My pimples are looking very strange, its not really pimples. More of a red rash... anyway, when Im at 3 mm from the mirror it looks like shit. However, I guess that it isnt such a big deal for people. I am spending not so much time thinking about my skin because it's not really making it look better Anyway, its a funny thing you mentioned doing things "natural". Ofcourse, in a sense, every regimen is nat
  10. Don't worry, it'll be solved in 15 years, even if it's the last thing I'll ever do
  11. Try to go for D-pantothenic acid. Time released is ok, but not neccesary. Most manufacters actually get their B5 from the same farmaceutical companies (eg. Roche) anyway, so it's basically all the same with a different label and price on it. So you really don't have to pay close attention. 500mg / 1000mg pills are the most convenient. 250 grams is too little. Powder is even better. Please remember to stick closely to the B5 "regimen": 10 grams a day, do not start with less. Some people report
  12. Congratulations!!! Very happy for you! and a merry christmas 8) Robin Trotsky
  13. Sebum composition is as following: Constituent - % by weight Glycerides* and free fatty acids - 57.5 Wax esters - 26.0 Squalene - 12.0 Cholesteryl esters - 3.0 Cholesterol - 1.5 (* Include triglycerides) P.Acnes "feeds" on the triglycerides (it secretes a lipase that hydrolizes sebum), converting the triglycerides into free fatty acid (ffa). Those ffa's irritate local cells (or are believed to contribute to the inflammatory process of acne). I'd be interested in findin
  14. In general, we do not prove that something doesn't work, we prove that it does work. You can't say: proof that it doesn't work. Something works if it is proven to work. Something does not work if no-one has proven that it doesn't. That's how science works Proof to me there is life after death.... . . . So you can't? . . . Does that mean there is? No it doesn't. (Clearly this is why I am not a christian). So, if you can prove that toothpaste works, its ok. Up until then, it's an assumption. Se