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  1. Ive tried various things over the years to clear my acne up but never had alot of success. I am currently on lymecycline antibiotic and was using BP with the regimen but just cant stick to it stricty and therefore dont stay clear. So this year ive used nothing on my face (just a mild facewash) but kept taking lymecycline once a day as i was a bit worried to come off it. Here is my condition now. Think if you click it shows better. I have a few things that i have been prescribed and not beg
  2. thanks alot for the reply, anyone else??
  3. thanks... but i cant find change display name lol
  4. The simple refreshing face wash is wat i use and hav done for ages, its good. Never used a simple moisturiser cas i use nivea oil free moisturising fluid its not sticky or anything and says its non comedengenic n all that, its from boots too.
  5. Just got topical isotretinoin prescribed, its called ISOTREX. Just wondering how it has worked for anybody? Thanks.
  6. basically said it in the title, got a big red inflammed spot (no head) painful too, but im going out tonight n i could do with the redness n swelling going down. is there any known remedies i can try, please, any help wil be gratefully recieved. thank you.
  7. ive had all that stuff in the same order too, the zineryt is good, worked for about a year for me but then my skin got used to it, apparently that happens, find a good moisturiser tho cas it drys ya skin out, i think thats the mistake i made with it, i didnt moisturise. oxytet never did a thing for me and the erythromoycin made me ill, im on lymecycline now n have been for about a year, i never saw a dramatic change but if i stop takin it my acne gets worse, dunno if thats jus in my head tho.
  8. How long have you used the Simple Face Wash? I'm still using the Neutrogena one, but I think it's irritating my red marks somewhat, so looking for an alternative to try out. I'm using the Simple Moisturiser at the moment which is really great, so thought about the Face Wash too. Thanks. Err since december mate, no issues, good stuff.
  9. Just to share UK products that r working well for me and hav been since christmas. Facewash - Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel BP - Dans.. never tried anything else and now never would, buy directly off your card, if you use paypal it takes weeks maybe even a month to come, i paid direct off my card n it came in less than a week. Moisturiser - Nivea Visage Oil Free Moisturising Fluid (Non comedogenic - says on back of bottle in blue) Facewash and moisturiser both from boots cost about 2 quid
  10. Oral Antibiotics have never worked for me, ive had some sucsess with a topical antibiotic but my skin got resistant to it and therefore it was no longer effective. Im using BP which is the most effective thing ive used since the topical antibiotic stopped working, its keeping my skin under a certain amount of control but not enough! I havent bothered with the doctors or prescription stuff for a while cas it has never seemed to help in the long run but im reading on this site about the differen
  11. BP is working for me but u hav 2 b so self disaplined and stick to your regimen day in day out. Ive been using it for 4 months and have been clear 3 or 4 times but im not consistent with it so i keep breaking out. N like i said its ruining my tops by bleachin the collers, its a piss take wen u pay £20-£40 for a top.
  12. This is my opinion... Topical antibiotics work well for a while but eventually stop working. Oral antibiotics are shite they dont do a great deal at all. Would anyone else agree or am i wrong? Only i cant understand why they would be prescribed if they are ineffective... Im using BP now with some sucsess but its fucking all my t-shirts up round the coller. What are these retinoids? Ive never tried them..