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  1. Hey guys,I suffer from moderate acne and i started seeing a derma about 8 months ago. He finally got me on a decent regimen, ive been on it for about 5 months now. It seems to be working alright so far. It has gotten better through the months espeically since about a week ago, it seems to be keeping my acne away better. Less breakouts. But its still not where i want it to be. i have red spots, not pimples. anb small less notcible breakouts along my jawline and mt forehead and around my mouth. Ba
  2. I really need help guys, I have like 3 small whiteheads under my nose in a group and i popped them. Now they are red and one is coming back to a whitehead. I really need some help reducing redness or hiding them for tmrw please!. Right now i have Queen helenes green mask on to help dry them up for now. I also have some new makeup that is non-comodegenic and doesnt clog pores but i have no idea how to put it on, Its like liquid(ish) and it doesnt really seem to cover a ton. How do i use this! Ple
  3. Hi, To make it short and sweet i need something to keep my oily skin down during the school days, It gets absolutely terrible and my face is so shiny and nasty looking. Just wondering what has helped you guys. Heres my regimen now: Morning-Take shower and take one Doxycycline pill. Night-Cleanse with Purpose cleanser -Apply Ziana topical -Take Doxy pill. My derm said if the ziana isnt drying me out badly(its not at all) I could use it ni the morning to, would this be a good idea? Im afr
  4. Hey guys and girls. SInce i have been off minocycline due to side effects i need a regimen to keep my acne atleast under control. The one thing i ask is that you figure out where i can use my Ziana topical cream because i have alot of it. I would like to keep using it at nightime also. Another thing, i need products i can buy around here CVS, Brooks, Walgreens, etc. No online stuff. And i would like to keep it down to 3 products, no more. Thanks so much
  5. I put about an inch of the bp on my finger. I only break out on my chin and around my mouth. I've never had acne before until about a 8 months ago, so all of this is so new and frustrating for me. I'm thinking that I have to build up slower maybe with the bp. So far I put it on at night for two days, and once in the morning. Today I did not put it on in the morning. I think I might skip it all together today. My skin is a little red and has really tiny bumps around the areas that I had a
  6. Purpose Gentle Cleanser FTW. I wish the pump bottles came in bigger sizes though:(
  7. Sounds like a good regimen, Be careful for Dizziness, Nasty headaches and especially rashes 2-3 weeks in on Mino. I had to stop because of quarter size welts all over my body. 1 ot of 100 people get this effect so you probably wont but just watch for it. It can be serious if it goes on to long. Overall you probably have nothing to worry about, Good luck with the regimen. Oh and btw the mino worked well but the side effects killed me.
  8. Well heres the story, I was 3 weeks into my Mino and i started getting bad rashes on my arms, legs, chest, back, stomach, hands, etc. I figured i might have got into some poison ivory or oak. I was wrong, The next day the rash turned into welts, some even 2 in in diameter So i called the derm and he told me to stop immediately, my throat could possibly swell and restrict breathing while i slept and you know what happens then..... So once again im off to another regimen, lucky me. I had to
  9. Well this sucks, i just found out that hives is a side effect of minocycline and it happens 2-3 weeks in. Im on my 3 week now and i have experienced nasty itchy swells all over my body. It has kept me up at night for about 3 days now. I guess i should call my derm and ask if i should stop huh? This really sucks...just when it was starting to work well for me something else screws up. Lucky me Accutane here i come!
  10. Hey guys, just a quick question. I am going to pick up Panoxyl 10% BP Bar today for my back acne but i was wondering if this will have any effect on my face regimen? Also, i have Cetaphil moisturizer would that be alright for use on my back after the Panoxyl? Thanks guys.
  11. Thank you for the fast reply Willow I will just leave the blackheads alone then and let them do there thing.
  12. Heres the scoop: My review of Minocycline so far- This product in the first week made me VERY tired to the point where i had no energy to lift weights, or even go swimming. It also made me dizzy when going from a prone to standing postion. I noticed some decrease in acne. Second week of Minocycline- Does not make me tired anymore, I no longer get dizzy. It has definitley improved my skin to the point where i dont have to worry about not being able to look someone in the eye when i talk to th
  13. Im going to stop for a week and see the results, Im 15 yrs old btw. So i am going through a hormonal stage. I will post back within the week.