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  1. Soy milk can block dht which in theory should help acne. However theres always the factor that soy personally for you is bad. Hmm it might not be the soy but the sugar content in it. you live in japan? so cool, lol.
  2. both are fine, they'll definitely open up your pores either way cause of the sweat factor. HF.
  3. protein is essential for your skin i believe, try egg whites.
  4. real food > powders always but i use whey still and i would say mix with water/soy and make sure the whey is a pure isolate, check out optimum nutrition.
  5. i don't link acne and whey; i would say just watch the brands your buying and the lactose factor. up the bcaas and get big!
  6. dam kid, your way under weight. quick solution: eat junk food complex solution: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/dennis1.htm#6
  7. take a protein thats loaded with amino acids post workout, for example ON 100% whey, will it break you out? who knows try it for a month. theres really no need to constantly load protein throughout the day unless ur not eating a proper diet. If you short on time, then i recommend a slow digestive protein, casein. Or buy the mutant protein thats known to be the king of taste, muscle milk. i take a shit load of supplements and keep acne down to a min but then again im in my 20s.
  8. ive been using alpha hydrox then the souffle with glycolic acid 12%, i also have the aqua glycolic cleanser kit too :} so far its looking good, just waitin for stuff to clear up. had rarely any pimples just lately i poped up with a few, not sure if its cause of the supplements im taking for lifting but oh well; a pimples a pimple. btw, i use the glycolic stuff 3 times a day tho , maybe thats bad but who knows. people tend to get desperate when they see a pimple. neat thread. lates.
  9. taurines good for body building too :} is there a different between l-taurine and taurine? im pretty sure most of my workout supplements pack l-taurine. havn't been visiting this part of the forums for a while, looking to pick up twinlab max taurine at 1g a pill this afternoon :}
  10. i agree, i use a mask on my face almost daily on spots; thinking this will help. not sure if it is overwashing but ill reduce the times a day i wash my face to two; instead of say 4. less spot treatment too nice post.
  11. i take 150g a day, if all your taking is 1 tablespoon i wouldn't worry; but do take a quality whey isolate protein. ON 100% whey is great, do a quick google.
  12. just wanted to share what supplements i take, i'm not suggesting it'll work for everyone but i'm clear. I stopped taking zinc, fishoil and b5, well maybe once in a while id pop some fishoil if i didn't have fish for dinner and zinc if i feel like it. i lift btw so i take the following: on 100% whey ast monohydrate creatine cytosport muscle milk greens+ greens now foods msm biotin maca root ginseng i drink green tea daily and insane amounts of water(not tap). so yea just wanted to share. oh