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  1. omgu8myrice ~ I'm glad to hear that you and your sister are having such wonderful success with the products in a short period of time. My skin took more time to clear, but it's much better now than it's ever been before (and I'm 36!). I've found that even if I miss one night of my routine I have serious set-backs. If I miss TWO nights I will pay the consequences. UGH! I've noticed that if I don't use enough of the cleanser or if I use too much water it doesn't lather very well for me eithe
  2. This is a really good point. I think that some people without acne would be put-off buying a cleanser or moisturizer that says "acne" on it. I don't think people would necessarily be put-off about buying the products, but many people would probably think that it would not be a good match for their skin-type.
  3. Does it go on as nicely as Dan's does?
  4. I'm sure Dan makes money from his company -- if not then man needs his head examined!! From everything I'm reading here, this simply sounds like people whining about not having enough money to purchase the products, therefore they feel that Dan should lower his prices and/or offer free shipping. Why would anyone here expect to receive something for nothing? Where is this sense of entitlement coming from?? Dan has every right to price his products/shipping at any level he chooses to, just a
  5. I am at a complete loss as to why the word ACNE on face hygenie products would bother anyone?? I realize that I'm probably a bit older than most posters here (I'm 36), but no one really cares if you use products to clear-up acne. They will probably ask where you bought it since your skin looks so wonderful. I think someone posted something about people thinking that the cleanser/moisturizer is ONLY meant for someone who has acne, which couldn't be further from the truth. So, in that respec
  6. I disagree. When Dan first started this site, he did not plan on developing a cleanser, bp, moisturizer or SA, but here we are. Given enough time and product demand, will see other products developed. Dan is the first to agree that there isn't ONE specific treatment that works for ALL people.
  7. Personally, I was thinking the opposite & would like a 10% or at least a 5% strength. During the summer, I need to use completely different cleansers, moisturizers & treatments on my face because it tends to be oily. I've had a problem with some small pimples on my forehead for the past 3 weeks & have been putting both BP + SA on at night on them. It did keep them from growing, but really wasn't doing the trick. I found a small tube of 10% BP last night & used it on my forehead.
  8. That was pretty nasty, however I agree that it is necessary to extract blackhead gently because they never EVER go away on their own. Not only do they never go away, they will continue to grow and make all of those blackheads look like tiny ant hills compared to what you have decided to keep.
  9. No, in NO way do I think that Dan's products are over-priced, you must be joking? Have you ever priced any moisterizers that they don't sell in a drug store? If you had, you would plainly see the great value of Dan's new moisterizer. Not to mention the TERRIFIC prices of the DKR cleanser & BP. They are both WAAAAAAAY better deals than what you will find at Walmart for comparable products. It's not as if you HAVE to purchase the products to be granted access to all of the resources provided a
  10. I've been using the cleanser every evening for well over a month & love it. It does not dry out my skin, although being summertime my skin tends to be more oily. It does a great job of washing off all of my make-up (including mascara & foundation) and dose not sting/irritate my eyes the way soaps do. I still use Cetaphil (spelling?) in the morning in the shower, but stopped using it at night because it was not removing all of my make-up. If you find that Dan's cleanser is too strong for
  11. Personally, I think that Dan's offer is generous. To purchase all the products with shipping, this would cost me $403. If you were fortunate enough to have your ideas chosen, this would be a wonderful addition to a struggling artist's portfolio or anyone's resume. Also, if you don't use the products, you could give them away to friends/family or even sell them on ebay for just under cost. If you still don't feel that it's worth your time, then simply move along, it's NO reason to slam Dan's oppo