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  1. Isotretinion worked wonders for me but it took 5 months to clear me. Being in a relationship would help you feel much better the self consciousness goes away once you become close with your partner.
  2. Valorie22 go and get back with your boyfriend go to school and go out with friends. Lots of men do not mind acne and even with the acne you can still be attractive. I wear foundation all of the time even to sleep. I also met my boyfriend on isotretinion we have been together for 5 years. Go live your life.
  3. 30mg sounds low I was on 40mg for one month and 50mg for four months. Accutane makes the skin more fragile so it heals slower. The marks will last longer so do not pick at pimples I know it's hard. I liked the higher dosage better when I was on it. Better and faster results.
  4. I took accutane twice it is very effective. I took it when I was only 15 the first time. No problems at all from it. I did have dry lips and skin but thats it. I took high dosages and the maximum dose second time around.
  5. I'm glad I took isotretinion it helped me significantly. I took it twice no problems. I do not believe that it causes depression. If I had a child with acne I would let them take it. I never believed that diet is the true cause of acne. I would not waste time and effort with restrictive diets.
  6. I'm a women with acne and I remember girls giving me a hard time for having acne. Adult women bullied me over acne when I was only 14. Many girls and women are mean nasty creatures. They are meaner than men in my experience.
  7. I had acne until month six while on accutane then I 100 percent cleared. Do not pick at or pop pimples while on it or you are likely to get scars that are permanent.
  8. Did you start or stop birth control? Are you pregnant? How old are you?
  9. That's nothing compared to my acne before accutane pray it does not get worse.
  10. As a heterosexual woman I would not be bothered by a guys acne after all my boyfriend of five years has acne. My boyfriend has moderate acne with permanent scaring. He is the only guy I have ever been with we never really dated we went straight to living together.
  11. That acne is so mild it could be much worse. Those are not numerous or super inflammatory like mine were. It could be so much worse. Stand up to people tell them that acne is not caused by dirt and that they are ignorant.
  12. Neutrogena sheer sunscreen with zinc oxide works and does not break me out it even seems to have a drying effect making my skin less oily. Don't give up cross country because of acne.
  13. I hear you I am also cursed with this disease am 24 had it since 13. I eat junk food all the time I love chocolate cake. Thankfully food does not give me acne. I am a thin female and have the metabolism my friends envy. My back and chest are perfect I just have it on my face and my butt. The stuff on my butt does not bother me since I am a nurse not a stripper. My face acne is a problem. I think the face is the worst place to have it.
  14. Out of the 11 years since I first developed acne for 9 of them I have had 100 percent clear skin. Acne can not be cured but can be put in complete remission by isotretinion.
  15. Go to a dermatologist many of the acne treatments are very safe for teens. I had moderate acne all over my face at your age. I had about 30 pimples constantly at your age and had already been on antibiotics. I am 24 and my acne is returning after five years of clear skin. Changing your lifestyle will not help in he meantime wear makeup use maybelline green cover stick followed by concealer in your skin tone. It's okay to use makeup as long as it does not contain oil.