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  1. Powder... Read the instructions and it says add water
  2. I just started this and i must say WOW. Been going for 2 days now and I have never seen such a good improvement on my face! I am slightly concerned about the whole PH thing though. Will drinking ACV as well be enough or do i need to look at applying that to my face afterwards?
  3. Hi, Just a quick question. I have thought about trying some zinc supplements to see if my acne responds at all to it. Should i be taking anything else with it to balance it? Like copper or Vit. C etc? What would a good dosage be per day? Would 30mg be sufficient? Conrad
  4. WOW! Today my face is looking so good, i am really really happy!!! Red Marks are disappearing, no active acne for a few days now Can actually see normal colored skin rather than inflamed spots for once However, i Have changed the Regimen slightly. Using: DKR Cleanser Brauva London 15% Glycolic Acid Serum (working wonders) Eucerin Moisturizer I also think that there is another major component helping: Since Wednesday, I have been going to the gym every other day, since this I have seen ma
  5. Yep, but how many months have you been on it? Ie: Applying every morning and night, carefully applying it and ramping up the dosage after a while?
  6. I bought this one: http://www.bravuralondon.co.uk/index.php?m...products_id=165 Havn't used it yet, was going to try it out tonight.
  7. Hi there, Just a quick question.... I'm planning on using Glycolic acid, to get rid of some red marks etc, make the skin texture a lot nicer. The acid is in Gel form, and is from Bravura London (previously lookGr8.co.uk). Would it be a good idea to do it this way: Morning: DKR Cleanser DKR BP Moisturiser DKR Cleanser Glycolic Aicd Moisturiser ? Or just cut the BP out completely atm until finishing with the acid? I have only had 2 new spots in 2 weeks, so im going to try and clear up red
  8. Hey! Long while since the last update,but been kinda busy with Uni now in full force! Things have been greatly improving, and i have had only 2 new spots in 2 weeks Red marks are really starting to die down, and I'm generally very happy Here are some pics: http://cold-peak.com/wk4i.jpg http://cold-peak.com/wk4ii.jpg http://cold-peak.com/wk4iii.jpg What do you think?
  9. Hey, I experienced some orange look this morning + a small bit of burning. So i have finally (3.5 weeks) decided to change the moisturiser. I have gone for the ucerin face cream (one mentioned above) It is great, i had no stinging at all and its perfect You can get it from boots also for around 10 quid.
  10. The burning sensation should go away soon, however it won't if you are using too much BP. Does the skin feel tight? That may be why...I had a little burning sensation at the start, and just dropped the BP to night only, and then resumed to twice a day after a week or so :)
  11. Re-read the instructions, it says 1 finger full of BP, not 2. 2 is for the neutrogena other stuff as stated ;) - Re-read it :)
  12. Oh god, i just ordered from them yesterday Im, back to Uni on Friday...fat chance that is arriving then, if it takes more than 1.5 weeks then its being cancelled and I'm getting the money back (or try to )
  13. Day 16 Skin is looking so much better - I applied Lots of moisturiser yesterday and my skin has got out of this horrible dry flakey period its been in. I applied BP this morning and a big load of moisturiser today, and havn't needed to re-moisturise or look at my skin and think ugh. I have had 1 spot form (just came up today) on my right cheek and it is the first one in OVER a week Really starting to think i have finally cracked it. Now to just reduce the marks and clear up the remaining ol