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  1. Thank you so much for sharing!! Me too, potentially starting on low dose accutane... I have had two course within the last 11 years, and I had great results from it but I still have white heads pop up. My dermatologist suggest me taking 5mg daily for potentially 12-18 months. I'm seriously considering it, because I think the side effects might be lower and can just clear up any acne that can pop up... But since accutane, my skin has become quite sensitive, so
  2. I am 32 and have had two bouts of isotretinoin previously, but I have scarring that is quite pitted and crater-like. I also occasionally have acne still. I went back to the dermatologist and he suggested going on to a 5mg daily dose, which may help stop my acne altogether and mildly increase collagen production to help with scarring. I'm very tempted but just thinking about the side effects is putting me off... Has anyone had experience with low dose treatment?? Thank you
  3. Thanks Heather93!! I'mjust waiting for that light at the end of the tunnel, don't remember it being this bad during my first course haha oh well still keeping faith!!
  4. Good luck!! I'm in my third month of accutane 20mg daily. My doctor wants to do low dose as this is my second course. it's definitely a roller-coaster ride
  5. Good luck JDtane!! I'm in a breakout stage too, here's hoping it start to clear soon!!
  6. Hi everyone, I know what you all mean, I've also been trying to find logs for this year too. I'm a month into my second course of accutane 20mg daily and still in the breakout stage... can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when so many pimples and hyperpigmentation staring back at you in the mirror. Good luck everyone!! danda17: me too, I used to have such oily skin but now it's dryer, and the pores are smaller, but still getting breakouts. Hopefully the rest of this month it w
  7. Hi Heather93, things are sounding good!! Good luck with the rest of your course!! How amazing that with a high dose you don't have too many side effects! well done!! I started my second course accutane a month ago as well but on a much lower dose as my doctor says it's better this way. I feel like I'm still in the breakout stage... so many of them on the lower half of my face it's quite disheartening.. I know it should get better but definitely quite hard at the moment.
  8. Hey emmygirl! I'm also currently on my second course of accutane and into month 2. Don't remember the IB being quite as bad but it's probably because I keep remembering how much my skin was clear before after my first course finished... Here's hoping things will go the same this time round. I can totally relate to that feeling, that remembering the first course going pretty good but feeling the second one now going as successfully... maybe our memory is flawed?
  9. Hi Meg, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your blog, even though you have finished for a while. I have just restarted another course of isotretinoin about 10 years after my first one. I'm right in the middle of, I'm sure, my IB period and it's really frustrating. I know it will pass but sometimes it doesn't make it easier while you are going through it. it's so nice to be able to read about your and so many people's experiences, even though I have been through it before but memory te
  10. hey guys~ I have scheduled a Vbeam laser treatment... but i really want to know what is the best time interval between treatments? How long after the 1st treatment can the doctor determine whether you need another treatment?? It would be great if i can have expert advice on this Thanks!!!