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  1. So am i :( not going to well though LoL
  2. so besides the OBVIOUS facts of why we shouldn't smoke (we don't need to hear them all) does smoking cause acne??
  3. Is that normal? or does it mean i'm putting on too much or something? when i rub it in it turns white in some places and kind of clumps up. Also, when i picked my retin-a up at cvs they kept it in the fridge... when i asked my dr if i should do the same she really didn't think it mattered.. anyone keep theirs in the fridge?
  4. well i think its kind of good to sweat. as long as you clean your face like before and after it can't hurt right? i'm not realy sure. When i work out i was myface before to take off my makeup then after because i usually shower after the gym.
  5. lruch

    Retin A gel

    if your derm perscribed it i would use both the way he said to... if it gets dry then you go back and show him. he'll get to know your skin better and find a combo that works well
  6. yea i had no change what so ever with OTC lo. but i'm afraid to go on anything else because i don't want to gain weight haha
  7. haha yea tried it today and those little jars are hard to work with.
  8. haha so i always have some dry spots of skin in the summer because of the sun ( i live at the jersey shore) and before work when i put on my makeup i always wear moisturizer under my foundation and all... well sometimes by the time i get to work i have some either stiff spots or pealing spots. i carry moisturizer with me for touch ups but i'm nervous it will mess up my makeup when it's only been on for 30 mins... any suggestions? i just started using everyday minerals.
  9. i use retin-a and sometimes if my face is dry i want to put it on at night, but when i do its like it rubs off (or thats the feeling anyway) but it could just be me being paranoid or something haha. so yea i don't use anyting after i put it on
  10. from what ppl say is it take the swelling away.. i just use ice though haha
  11. no thats strange they put mine right in my mail box
  12. So i got all my freee samples and i wanted to know if u guys use them what tricks you have to putting them on. What order do you put them on in and all that. I'm excited to start but i want to make sure i do it right to make it looks the best.
  13. I loveee minee! so worth the one dollar. only thing that i getnervous about is the fact that i use it on pimples so could that make them spread more? i wash my like every other day haha. but its so soft and it really does a good job.
  14. I have one right now.. they always seem to be the big hurting ones ( i guess cysts? not really sure) and now its a gross white head. but it seems like once i get rid of it its not long till another one comes back... why is that? its really the only area i have a prob with now and its only one at a time LoL.
  15. if you don't moisturize your skin will flake and clog your pores causing pimples.. thats the only real reason i can think to moisturize lol