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  1. I have clear skin, for the most part. However, after touching my face in two spots one day, I cultivated clusters of blackheads & whiteheads on my inner cheek closer towards my mouth and nose. I began to use Benzole Peroxide, which works to kills the bacteria in your pores fast! The only thing is, it only helps to kill the bacteria, it doesn't help remove or dissolve the blackhead and a common side effect of BP is it may swell the blemishes before it helps it to repair. Tea tree oil is a
  2. @Rebecca_camille: It would be wise to not stop using your acne medication. It's the reason your condition has gotten better. One of the biggest mistakes people do it stop using their acne medication when they see improvements. Remember that acne medications are not "cures" they simply help maintain a healthier essence. Therefore, since it isn't a "cure" then you must continue to use the products you found effective as the acne may return and for some it returns with a vengeance. I find product