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  1. So I completely messed up... Was lookin in the mirror noticing how bulging the bump seemed, with a little tiny head(been like that for a couple days)... Anyways I tried popping it and now it looks like Ill have a red circle like the size of a ChapStick head missing flesh... So it looks disgusting and its going to be a scab.. I know how your not supposed to pop\squeeze and I even preach this... It just seemed ripe and I couldn't help it(LAST TIME)... I never want another big scab to have to form
  2. definately do please im interested. Thanks :boohoo: lol
  3. owww just thought of how those strips seriously stick to your face.. youd probably remove so much skin you'd bleed hardcore.... serioulsy you could probably lost almost all the skin where the strip contacts your face! most people get so sensitive on tane you can stcratch their skin & they near bleed.
  4. Day 20 Already day 20!! Things going great no real breakouts besides this one plug that turned into a big cyst\red mark on my left cheek. So It'll be awhile before thats gone..
  5. I feel like the tane takes my appetite away and Ive read on here it does the same thing to others as well. Your eating disorder is mental, theres new treatments that take away your craving if your getting a really big urge to splurge.. Just remember that more than likely its your mind playing tricks on you, your subconcious is a powerful piece of mind! Stay positive and your results will be more likely to be so. If you go in constantly worrying just waiting to feel the eating disorder creep up
  6. Lol about the mirrors in the gym... Dont worry about them first off, worry about your workout! I guarantee thats what almost everyone else is doing! Im pretty sure no one in the gym cares about your acne, at least your in the gym is the way to look at it.
  7. Day 19 Its funny how my determining which area of my face is looking worst changed to being the area with the most underskin clogs, not the areas with the worst red, irritated\inflamed, red acne. If I can't recognize that as an accomplishment in its own im dreaming! now for all these plugs to work their way out\dissolve... Not that anyones interested!
  8. why deprive yourself of sex\masturbation..... this shouldn't play a role and if it does, wouldn't you want to stabilize your hormones by reaching a basal amount that you deem necessary. Its quite as simple as that really, being sexually active is healthy as long as your being safe. What are you going to do when you get a girl that wants you? lol
  9. Day 18 Everyday that I post a new entry it astonishes me how time flies!!!! Haven't even showered yet, not at all worried about how my face looks either (besides some dry flakes), haven't had this much of a care free attitude for a very long time now! Espescially this consistent of results! Seems like little hard things are occassionally just rubbing off my face, like little hard clogged pores that surfaced.. Still have my left cheek holding onto a couple BB sized plugs, but hopefully they come